Frequent question: How rose oil is made in Bulgaria?

The production of rose oil is achieved in two methods. One is steam distillation, in which water steam is used. The other method is by extraction, using ether, and then the product obtained is rose concrete: it is wax-like, soft. Rose oil is derived from it with the aid of alcohol.

Why is Bulgarian rose oil so expensive?

Bulgarian Rose Oil also commands the highest prices on the market. … The reason for that is its quality, a lot of which is due to the way it is harvested and distilled, as well as the sheer amount of rose blooms needed for the production of oil—a kilogram requires about three tones of rose blooms.

Is Bulgarian rose oil expensive?

“With a nickname ‘liquid gold,’ Bulgarian Rose Oil is the most expensive among all the essential oils,” Atanas Krachmarov, founder of ECOMAAT, a luxury rose parfumerie in Bulgaria, tells Culture Trip.

Which country produces rose oil?

The most important rose oil producer countries are Turkey and Bulgaria. Combined, these two countries produce 80% of total rose oil supply.

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How much rose oil does Bulgaria produce?

It is collected carefully. Nowadays Bulgaria’s annual production of rose oil is over 1.6 tons on average. The main markets for the “liquid gold” are the USA, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China.

What is Bulgarian rose oil used for?

Although more research is needed to confirm some of its benefits, rose oil may be used effectively to: reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and pain. increase libido. protect against harmful bacteria and fungi.

Why does Bulgaria have rose water?

Handpicked before sunrise and bloomed by direct steam distillation immediately after harvesting, our Bulgarian rose water is for your skin. It hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin. … It has anti – inflammatory, antiseptic and anti – bacterial properties that help soothe and heal the skin.

Where are roses grown in Bulgaria?

The strongest tradition in rose production is near the towns of Karlovo and Kazanlak. Not surprisingly, this region is called the Valley of Roses. Rose growing was the main livelihood of the local population.

Which is the best rose oil?

Best Rosehip Oil in India

  • Juicy Chemistry 100% Organic Rosehip Seed Oil.
  • Earth Rhythm Organic Rosehip Seed Facial Oil.
  • Sukin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil.
  • Suganda Pure Rosehip Oil.
  • Soulflower Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil.
  • Nature’s Tattva Cold Pressed Raw Rosehip Oil.
  • Vilvah Pure Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil.

How expensive is 100% rose oil?

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What country has the best rose?

So where do the best roses in the world come from? As it turns out, those who know their roses know that the best ones come from Ecuador, thanks to a combination of elements found nowhere else on the planet. What exactly makes Ecuadorian roses the undisputed leader in terms of quality, size, color, lifespan, and so on?

Why is Bulgarian rose the best?

The highest-quality roses come from the Rose Valley, south of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria. These flowers are called Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and are the best roses for producing the precious oil because of the perfect soil and climate conditions in the area.

Do roses come from Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is one of the biggest rose-oil producers in the world and a country that has been closely related to the beautiful flower for centuries. The Rose Valley is the area where the biggest rose plantations and the main rose-oil facilities are located.

Why is Bulgaria called the land of roses?

Coming to Bulgaria, you have probably heard that our beautiful country is also called “the land of roses”. … The oil extracted from Rosa Damascena is used as a base element in cosmetics and perfumery all over the world – and ever since the middle ages!

Which country is known as land of rose?

If you are a big fan of the flower, one country that you must visit is Bulgaria, the land of roses. The country has been related to the plant for centuries and today it’s one of the biggest rose oil producers in the world.

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