How do I register a company in Albania?

Can foreigners start a business in Albania?

There is no requirement for any general permit to invest in Albania or to establish a business or business vehicle. Any foreign entity or individual is free to start a business or establish a business vehicle either as a sole investor or as part of a joint venture.

What can do a foreign investor for establishing a business in Albania?

Foreign investors can do business in Albania by setting up either a new company fully owned by a parent company or a subsidiary/branch fully owned by the parent company or a representative office, or by acquiring shares in an existing company. Investors may also form a partnership to do business in Albania.

What is the best business in Albania?

List of the top 100 profitable businesses in Albania in 2017

  • National Trade Bank (Banka Kombetare Tregtare) – Banking.
  • Raiffeisen Bank – Banking.
  • OSHEE – The Electric Power Distribution Operator.
  • Spiecapag – Shqiperia – Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) construction.

How can I migrate to Albania?

U.S. citizens do not need visas to enter the Republic of Albania; U.S. citizens can stay up to one year in this country without a residence permit; You must have a passport valid for at least three months (we recommend to have your passport at least six months valid from your planned departure from this country.

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How can I start a business in Albania?

Steps to register a business

  1. Obtain a unique company name. …
  2. Request and obtain the Registration Certification and Unique Business Identification Number. …
  3. Employee registration with the Employment Regional Directory. …
  4. Registration with the Municipality Bureau of Internal Revenue obtain list of.

Can I buy a house in Albania?

Anyone can own a property in Albania. Personal ownership is the most common case for a foreigner purchasing in Albania. … There are NO restrictions for foreigners to invest in Albanian property (except for agricultural lands).

How do you get Albanian residency?

The electronic service “Request for a Residence Permit” enables foreign nationals who wish to stay for a longer period than 90 days in 180 days in Albania, to apply for a residence permit in the Republic of Albania.

How do I become Albanian citizen?

A person may be naturalised as an Albanian citizen if he fulfills the following criteria:

  1. Over 18 years old.
  2. Shelter and the means of sustain himself.
  3. Has not been convicted to sentences of three or more years in prison (except for political sentences)
  4. Basic knowledge of the Albanian language.