Is Economos a Greek name?

Greek: status name for a steward, someone who managed a property, particularly church-owned land, from ancient Greek oikos ‘household’ + nomos ‘law’, ‘rule’.

Is Vlachos a Greek name?

Greek: ethnic name for an Aromanian. The Aromanians are traditionally nomadic pastoralists throughout the southern Balkans, speaking a language closely related to Romanian. The Greek name Vlakhos is derived from an Indo-European stem meaning ‘foreigner’; it is cognate with Welsh and Walloon.

Is Kontos a Greek name?

Kontos (Greek: Κοντός, “short”) is a Greek surname.

Is Hatzoglou a Greek name?

Hatzoglou was born to a Greek father, with a family originating from Kozani in Northern Greece, and a Macedonian mother. In December 2020, Hatzoglou signed with the Melbourne Renegades.

Is Zervos a Greek name?

Greek: from the vocabulary word zervos, a nickname meaning ‘left-handed’.

What does Vlahos mean in Greek?

Vlahos or Vlachos (Greek: Βλάχος [ˈvlaxo̞s]), feminine: Vlahou, is a Greek surname, meaning Vlach. The surname Vlahos/Vlachos may refer to: … Petro Vlahos, Greek-American engineer, bluescreen/special effects pioneer.

Is Vlachs a Slav?

The term is also used to refer to the ethnographic group of Moravian Vlachs who speak a Slavic language but originate from Romanians. … Nowadays, Eastern Romance-speaking communities are estimated at 26–30 million people worldwide (including the Romanian diaspora and Moldovan diaspora).

What kind of name is Kontos?

Greek: nickname for a short man, from kontos ‘short’; also a reduced form of any of various surnames formed with Konto- as a prefix, e.g. Kontogiannis ‘short John’. Hungarian (Köntös): from köntös ‘gown’, ‘short fur coat’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a furrier or a maker of coats.

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Who is Summer Zervos Wikipedia?

Summer Zervos was a part of the Apprentice Season-5 which was hosted and executively produced by Donald Trump. However, she was fired in the first week. According to The Sun, the former reality star claimed that she was sexually abused by Trump in 2007, which she later opened up during the 2016 press conference.