What is Greek oregano good for?

Fresh oregano is a great antibacterial agent. It has phytonutrients (thymol and carvacrol), which fight infections such as staph. It’s loaded with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage, and it’s an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K, manganese, iron, vitamin E, tryptophan and calcium. You go, oregano!

What do you use Greek oregano for?

Cooking With Greek Oregano

In Greek cooking, oregano is used in tomato sauces, with meats, fish, cheese, egg dishes, salads, and cheeses and with vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, and green beans. Oregano is an essential ingredient of countless Mediterranean recipes.

What is the difference between Greek oregano and regular?

Oregano is generally classified in two categories: Mediterranean and Mexican. … Oregano from these areas is robust in flavor, though different varieties may be more bitter, sweet, or peppery than others. Greek oregano tends to be the most savory and earthy, while Italian is milder and Turkish is more pungent.

Is Greek oregano medicinal?

Medicinal Uses

Greek Oregano was originally used extensively as a medicinal herb. Oregano tea is still frequently used to ease symptoms of indigestion, coughs and to stimulate menstruation.

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Is Greek oregano edible?

The fresh leaves can be used directly in your cooking or you can hang cut stems to dry in a cool dark well-ventilated location and then store the dried leaves in sealed containers.

How do you eat Greek oregano?

Here are some tips for adding it to food:

  1. While cooking, sprinkle meat, chicken with oregano for flavor.
  2. Use it in marinades or stuffings.
  3. Chop and mix into bread or pizza dough for a herby flavor.
  4. Add fresh oregano leaves to a salad.
  5. Sprinkle onto slices of mozzarella cheese and tomato, and drizzle with olive oil.

Is oregano good for lungs?

Oregano oil in an oral or inhaled form is also used to try to treat respiratory tract conditions such as: Coughs. Asthma. Croup.

Is oregano an anti inflammatory?

In addition to being a powerful antimicrobial agent, oregano oil also has anti-inflammatory effects. One study showed that oregano essential oil significantly inhibited several inflammatory biomarkers in skin.

Can you eat raw oregano?

It’s often too pungent to eat raw, so fresh oregano is best when used in the last 15 minutes of cooking, according to Newgent. Fresh oregano makes a great accompaniment to a pot of beans, a lemony marinade or a simple marinara sauce.

Is Greek oregano perennial?

Once established, plants in beds can survive on rainfall. In containers, irrigate whenever soil is dry. Frost-fighting plan: Oregano is perennial in zones 5 to 10. Established plants can survive a few hard frosts (under 28º F).

Is Greek oregano good for tea?

Since ancient times, Greek oregano has been used for its healing properties. Research now confirms that the nutrients contained in its decoction make oregano tea an excellent complementary drink for many reasons. … Additional nutrients such as omega-3 and flavonoids are also abundant in its properties.

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Can I drink oregano tea everyday?

Oregano has a long history of safe use in foods and food products. Most people won’t experience side effects from consuming oregano tea. However, if you drink a lot of oregano tea — say, more than four cups a day — you might develop an upset stomach. In rare cases, people can also have allergic reactions to oregano.

Is oregano good for high blood pressure?

When inhaled, the oil from this Mediterranean herb (and close relative of oregano) lowers blood pressure . It relaxes blood vessels by rousing the parasympathetic nervous system, which improves the flow of blood.

What can I make with homegrown Greek oregano?

Uses. Oregano is used in sauces, tomato dishes, pizza, Mexican dishes salads and soups.

How do you water Greek oregano?

Water oregano plants when the soil begins to dry out, providing just enough water to moisten the top 5 inches of the soil. Don’t water oregano during wet weather. Water potted oregano before the soil dries out completely and empty the collected water from the drip tray after each watering.

How do you cut Greek oregano?

Trim the Greek oregano plant back with clean, sharp shears when it is about 6 inches tall. New plantings reach this size in about five to six weeks. Leave two or three pairs of leaves on each stem. Snip the stems off just above a leaf axil to stimulate branching and promote fullness.