What is the ancient law of privilege of Athens?

According to Act 1, sc. 1, Egeus says the “ancient privilege of Athens” is that he, as the father of Hermia, may choose to make her obey him or have her put to death for disobeying. In this case, what he wants his daughter to do is to marry Demetrius.

What is the Athenian law in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

There was a law in the city of Athens which gave to its citizens the power of compelling their daughters to marry whomsoever they pleased; for upon a daughter’s refusing to marry the man her father had chosen to be her husband, the father was empowered by this law to cause her to be put to death; but as fathers do not …

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What is the ancient law of Athens that Hermia must obey?

What is the ancient law of Athens that Hermia must obey? … Hermia must marry who her father chooses or die.

Who says as she is mine I may dispose of her?

Here we already are having some resistance against control from Hermia. After explaining his problem, referring to Hermia, Egeus says, “As she is mine, I may dispose of her— / Which shall be either to this gentleman / Or to her death” (I.i.45-47).

What plan does Lysander propose to Hermia?

He proposes a plan: he has an aunt, wealthy and childless, who lives seven leagues from Athens and who dotes on Lysander like a son. At her house, Hermia and Lysander can be married—and, because the manor is outside of Athens, they would be free from Athenian law.

What was the law of Athens in which the story is based?

Duke Theseus is the law in Athens. … Egeus says to Theseus, he has the right under Athenian Law to decide Hermia’s fate. ‘I beg the ancient privilege of Athens / As she is mine, I may dispose of her. ‘ Egeus wants Hermia to marry Demetrius, but she loves Lysander.

Did Athens have written laws?

According to Plutarch, when Solon revised the laws of Athens in the 6th century BCE , he wrote the new laws on wooden tablets (Plut. … By inscribing laws, either on wood or in stone, and setting them in a public place, knowledge of the laws was made available to all citizens, rather than to a small elite.

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What is the strange law in Athens?

Answer: The strange law in Athens was that the girl had to marry according to her father’s wish. If she would not do so, she would have to live the life of nunnery or die.

What is ancient Athens known for?

Athens was the largest and most influential of the Greek city-states. It had many fine buildings and was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare. The Athenians invented democracy, a new type of government where every citizen could vote on important issues, such as whether or not to declare war.

What are Hermia’s three choices?

So Hermia has three choices: • marry Demetrius • become a nun, and never marry • be put to death for violation of the ancient law of Athens! Duke Theseus gives Hermia four days to decide – until his wedding day to Hippolyta.

What do you think Theseus means when he says I woo’d thee with my sword and won thy love doing thee injuries 1 1 16 17 )?

This idea is shown when Theseus says, “Hippolyta, I wooed thee with my sword, and won thy love doing thee injuries” (1.1. 16-17). This quote shows that, as Theseus conquered the battle against the Amazons, he also conquered their queen.

What is bottom turned into?

Bottom’s Transformation

During play rehearsal, Bottom’s head is transformed (by Puck) into that of an “ass” (donkey), making him the butt of the play’s biggest joke.

What does if thou lovest me then steal forth thy father’s house tomorrow night mean?

If thou lovest me, then, Steal forth thy father’s house tomorrow night” act 1 scene 1 161-164. It shows that during those harsh times their love was strong enough to even risk the anger of their parents. … Helena is madly in love with Demetrius and would give her life for just one kind word from him.

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Why does Helena say sickness is catching O were Favour so?

Helena knows sickness is contagious: she wishes that “favour” – an Elizabethan word for “affection” (it’s where we get “favour-ite” from) was too. … Helena thinks that she can learn to be more attractive: in short, that she can alter outward parts of herself to become more lovable.

What is Theseus decision?

What is Theseus’ decision concerning the four young people? Theseus’ decision concerning the four young people is that he would overrule Egeus’ wishes. Therefore, allowing all there couples to marry their real lovers at Hippolyta’s and Theseus’ wedding.

Why does Helena betray Hermia?

Hermia has told Helena that she (Hermia) is going to elope with Lysander. … But Helena loves Demetrius and wants his approval. So she tells him what Hermia is planning. So the reason why she betrays Hermia’s trust is because she thinks that will make Demetrius like her (Helena) better.