Can I stay at Athens Airport?

While Athens Airport has several lounges, none have designated sleep rooms or rest areas. If you just want to relax in a comfortable seat, check out this list of lounges in our Athens Airport Guide that you can pay to access.

Is Athens airport safe?

Athens International Airport (AIA) is among the world’s and Europe’s safest airports, ranking sixth and second respectively on the Safe Travel Score for October 2020. The Safe Travel Score is an industry-first Covid-19 rating initiative, created in the wake of recovery from the pandemic.

What is there to do in Athens airport for 6 hours?

Here are 8 things to do on a layover at Athens Airport:

  • Eat. No matter what time you arrive, you can grab a bite to eat, as several restaurants are open 24-hours. …
  • Hang out in a lounge. Airport lounges are no longer for fancy flyers only! …
  • Get a dose of history. …
  • Go exploring – beyond the airport. …
  • Shop. …
  • Spa. …
  • Get online. …
  • Sleep.
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Has Athens airport closed?

The airport had an official capacity of 11 million passengers per year, but had served 13.5 million passengers during its last year of operations.

Ellinikon International Airport.

Hellinikon (or Ellinikon or Hellenikon) International Airport Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Ελληνικού
Serves Athens
Location Elliniko, Athens
Opened 1938
Closed 28 March 2001

Why was Athens airport abandoned?

The airport was once Greece’s largest. … But years of neglect followed and the 1,530-acre brownfield site — once envisaged largely as a metropolitan park — was left to decay amid disagreements over its redevelopment and Greece’s descent into economic chaos in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Can you stay overnight in Athens Airport?

While Athens Airport has several lounges, none have designated sleep rooms or rest areas. If you just want to relax in a comfortable seat, check out this list of lounges in our Athens Airport Guide that you can pay to access.

Where should you not stay in Athens?

When keeping in mind areas to avoid in Athens, know that Omonia, Exarcheia, Vathi, and Kolokotroni Squares have high crime rates and should be avoided at night, if not altogether.

Can you leave luggage at Athens Airport?

At the Athens airport, you can leave your luggage at the Care4bag located inside the arrival hall (Next to Gate 1). Prices start from 3,5 euros for 6 hours, for a small luggage. They also offer baggage wrapping for extra security.

Is there anything to do around Athens airport?

There is nothing to do near the airport, but the metro into town is fast, clean, and easy. It takes about 40 minutes to get from the airport to the Monastiraki station, which is right in the heart of the Plaka area of Athens.

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Can you transit through Athens Airport?

Transit passengers, including those from restricted origins, transferring in Athens from international to international flight, are not required to be tested against Covid-19, nor to display a negative molecular test result (PCR) or vaccination certificate upon arrival in Athens.

Is the Greek airport open?

The Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos is open and operational. Direct flights have resumed between the United States and Greece. Many airlines also operate flights departing Greece from which travelers can connect to flights to the United States.

Why are flights to Athens Cancelled?

Airlines are forced to cancel half-term holiday flights to Athens while other services are delayed as Italy’s Mount Etna spews ash and smoke. New volcanic activity in Mount Etna today caused havoc for holidaymakers as airlines were forced to cancel half-term flights and delay several more.

Are there two airports in Athens?

The 2 main and busiest airports in Greece are in Athens city and Thessaloniki city. The airport of Athens, El. Venizelos International airport, receives direct flights from the majority of central European airports, while via transfer it receives passengers from around the world.

Why is Nicosia airport closed?

It was originally the main airport for the island, but commercial activity ceased following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

Nicosia International Airport.

Nicosia International Airport Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο Λευκωσίας Lefkoşa Uluslararası Havaalanı
Operator Formerly: Royal Air Force Now: de facto United Nations

How busy is Athens Airport?

Athens International is currently a member of Group 1 of Airports Council International (over 25 million passengers) as of 2020, it is the 19th-busiest airport in Europe and the busiest and largest in the Balkans.

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Is Olympic air part of Aegean air?

Olympic Air is a subsidiary of Aegean Airlines. The two airlines joined forces in 2013 to become even better air service providers and offer a wide range of destinations throughout Greece and abroad. As part of the Star Alliance network, they also operate flights around the world.