Can Thai citizens travel to Albania?

Albania has moderate restrictions for travel. Most visitors from Thailand need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Albania. No quarantine is required.

Do Thai citizens need a visa for Albania?

“The decision allowing citizens of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Qatar, Oman, Thailand and Bahrain to enter Albania without needing a visa will be in force from April 1 to Oct. 31 in 2019, whereas for the citizens of the People’s Republic of China is valid from March 1 to Oct.

What countries can Thai citizens go to?

Countries Where Thai Citizens Are Required to Hava a Visa

Afghanistan Estonia Monaco
Andorra Finland Morocco
Angola France Netherlands
Australia Gambia New Zealand
Austria Germany Niger

Which country THAI can go without visa?

Visa requirements

Country Visa requirement Allowed stay
Japan Visa not required 15 days
Jordan Visa on arrival 90 days
Kazakhstan Visa not required 30 days
Kenya eVisa / Visa on arrival 90 days

Can Thai nationals travel to Europe?

Do Thai nationals need a Schengen Visa to enter Europe? Thai passport holders need to apply for a Schengen Visa in order to enter any of the Schengen Area countries.

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Who can enter Albania without visa?

Any visitor who holds a valid, multiple entry and previously used visa issued by a Schengen area country, United States, or the United Kingdom can enter Albania without a visa for 90 days. Visa must have been used at least once before arrival to Albania.

How strong is Thai passport?

The Thai passport is considered the 66th most powerful passport in terms of travel freedom, according to the Henley passport Index. Nationals of Thailand are able to travel to over 30 countries without a visa or by obtaining a visa on arrival.

Can a Filipino travel to Thailand now?

Travelers entering Thailand under the Exemption from Quarantine Scheme will get RT-PCR test after entering Thailand (at airport or accommodation) and they will wait for the result at accommodation they have booked in advance. The accommodation must be within 2-hour transportation from traveller’s port of arrival.

How can a foreigner get a Thai passport?

A foreign person may acquire citizenship under the following conditions:

  1. He or she has reached legal age both in Thailand (20 years old) and their home country.
  2. Must be of good character and without major criminal or drug convictions in any country.

Can Thai citizens travel to Mexico?

Mexico tourist visa is required for citizens of Thailand. All travelers should complete Health Declaration Form before entering to the country. IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, at this time, VisaHQ does not provide full service for tourist visas to Mexico. All applicants must apply in person at the nearest Embassy of Mexico .

Can I stay in Thailand for 1 year?

Most people who come to Thailand want to extend stay. They may apply for an extension of stay for one year, but it must be for one of the following purposes: Business, Education, Marriage or Retirement. If you hold a tourist visa, you must first convert to a non-immigrant status before the long term extension of stay.

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Do Thai need visa for Greece?

Greece schengen visa from Thailand

Most visitors from Thailand will not be allowed to travel to Greece. No quarantine is required.

Do Thai citizens need a visa for UK?

As a Thai citizen, you must obtain a UK Standard Visitor Visa. To do so, you must go to the nearest British embassy. However, if you want things to run a little bit smoother, you can use iVisa’s services and take one less trip to the embassy.

Can a Thai have two passports?

Yes, Thai citizens are allowed to have dual nationality and own two passports. If you are born in Thailand and have at least one Thai parent, you automatically have Thai nationality and can apply for a Thai passport.

Is Thailand Open for Tourism now?

A long period of waiting has ended as Thailand opens to foreign travellers from 63 countries including India. The administration has also eased most of the travel restrictions and COVID-related travel rules in most part of Thailand.

Do Thai citizens need a visa for Germany?

Citizens of Thailand who wish to travel to Germany will need a Schengen visa to enter the European nation.