Can you swim in Santorini in September?

Can I swim in Santorini in September? Of course you can! The sea water will be very warm from the summer and actually even warmer than it might be in May or June. Kamari and Perissa/Perivolos beaches will be awesome and all the yummy snack and beach bars will be catering you 24/7 !.

Is September a good time to visit Santorini?

The best time to visit Santorini is from September to October and April to May when the weather is warm and the crowds are scarce.

Can I swim in September in Greece?

Swimming in Greece in september is ideal (in the best case scenario) … In september in Rhodes, swimming conditions are perfect! With water reaching a maximum of 84°F and an average of 80°F, going in the water (and staying there!) feels great.

Is it warm enough to swim in Santorini in October?

Can I swim in Santorini in October? Of course you can! The sea water will still be warm from the summer and actually even hotter than it might be in May or June sometimes.

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How warm is the water in Santorini?

If you come to Santorini in the winter, the water will be too cold to swim, with an average temperature of 16°C/61°F. During the summer, the sea gradually warms up and reaches an average of 25°C/77°F.

Can you swim in Mykonos in September?

Best Time for Good Weather in Mykonos: The warmest weather in Mykonos (and all the Greek islands) is between June and September when it’s sunny, hot, and the water is perfect for swimming. Water temperature heats throughout the summer months and is warmest in August and early September.

Is it windy in Santorini in September?

It could be windy but not always and you should be happy for that because it is still hot in Greece in September…

Is Greece still hot in September?

The weather remains hot throughout September, although less so than in August, and temperatures taper off as the month progresses. … Sea temperatures are bathtub warm—in fact, the warmest for the year—after all the summer sun. In short: great beach weather.

Is Greece cold in September?

While the month of September in Athens is still quite warm, the summer heat starts to cool off as the fall season approaches. The average temperature this month is 24°C (75°F), while the average low drops to 19°C (66°F), and the average high is still a warm 28°C (82°F).

What months Can you swim in Greece?

Beaches in Greece are best for swimming and sunbathing from late May to early October. Mainland Greece is at its best from June to September. Greece with Kids: Naxos is the best Greek island for families. The best time for a family vacation to Greece is late May to early October.

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How many days do you need in Santorini?

But to really experience Santorini, consider spending three to five days: you’ll be able to sightsee, hike, and beach-hop while embracing the relaxed pace of island life.

How long is the boat ride from Santorini to Mykonos?

How long is the ferry ride from Santorini to Mykonos? The ferry trip can last from 2 hours to 3 hours depending on the vessel and its scheduled itinerary.

What clothes to take to Santorini in September?

If you are wondering what to wear in Greece during this time, choose outfits comfortable in hot temperatures, such as shorts, tanks, airy blouses and lots of dresses! You’ll get lots of sunshine during this time which is why tourists flock to every beach and the top attractions are packed.

Can you swim in the ocean in Santorini?

The idyllic best beaches in Greece are located elsewhere. However, swimming in the clear blue water of Santorini is wonderfully refreshing. Since the beaches have coarse sand, there’s little dust to cloud the water. … Most of the best Santorini beach hotels are located at Kamari, Perissa, and Perivolos Beaches.

Is there a rainy season in Santorini?

The climate of Santorini, the largest and southernmost of the Cyclades, is Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and warm, sunny summers. … In practice, it rains very rarely from April to September, and almost never in summer, from June to August. The length of the dry season makes the landscape arid.

How cold is Santorini in winter?

Overall, the Santorini winter weather is mild. Generally speaking, December is a little warmer and drier than January and February. What is this? Winter temperatures range between 9 and 16 degrees C (48 – 61 F), with ten to eleven hours of sunshine per day.

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