Does it rain in Athens in November?

In Athens, Greece, during November, the rain falls for 9.6 days and regularly aggregates up to 40mm (1.57″) of precipitation. Throughout the year, there are 98.9 rainfall days, and 348mm (13.7″) of precipitation is accumulated.

Is November a good time to visit Athens?

The best times to visit Athens are between March and May and from September to November. Weather during these spring and fall months is agreeable and sunshine is pretty much a guarantee. Not to mention, crowds are thinner and hotel and airfare deals are easier to come by than in summer.

Does it rain in November in Greece?

The weather in Athens in November can be a mixed bag—some days are cold and rainy while others have bright, sunny skies overhead. The temperatures average about 59°F (15°C) with highs of 64°F (18°C ) and lows of 54°F (12°C). … In terms of rainfall, the month gets eight about days of precipitation on average.

Does Athens have a rainy season?

Athens experiences significant seasonal variation in monthly rainfall. The rainy period of the year lasts for 8.5 months, from September 16 to June 1, with a sliding 31-day rainfall of at least 0.5 inches. The month with the most rain in Athens is November, with an average rainfall of 2.4 inches.

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Is November a bad time to visit Greece?

No, it’s not yet too cold for Greece. Expect a mix of mild to warm sunny days and plenty of rain mixed in. The weather may be less than ideal, but crowds are gone, prices are low, and you can experience the best of Greece like a local.

Is Athens warm in November?

Athens weather November

You’ll see some bright autumn sunshine this month and warm temperatures that could reach nearly 20°C in the Greek capital. The Athens weather in November produces some showers, but it’ll feel warm and pleasant compared to the UK.

What is there to do in Athens in November?

Best things to do in Athens in November

  • Go on a walking tour. …
  • Do a Greek Islands cruise from Athens in November. …
  • Stroll through Plaka, Athens. …
  • See the sunset from Lycabettus Hill. …
  • Go shopping in Athens. …
  • Visit the Acropolis. …
  • Spot street art in Anafiotika. …
  • Oven Sesame.

Is Greece cold in November?

Yes, Greece remains cold during November. Mist restaurants, shops, etc. remain closed all through the winter months. … Visiting Greece in winter is perfect to admire its ancient landmarks without a lot of tourists.

Does it snow in Greece in November?

It can snow anywhere in Greece. And yes, that does include the islands! … Snowfalls can begin as early as November, if it’s a particularly heavy winter, and end as late as April. You are definitely going to see heavy snow in the regions of Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Central Greece, and Attica.

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Does it rain a lot in Athens?

Precipitation is not abundant, since it amounts to about 400 millimeters (16 inches) per year, and follows the Mediterranean pattern, with a maximum from November to February and a minimum in summer, when clear skies prevail and there are only occasional thunderstorms.

Where is hot in November?

The most popular destinations in November

Hot favourites in November
Canary Islands 22°C 7 hrs
Cyprus 20°C 7 hrs
Malta 21°C 7 hrs
Morocco 23°C 9 hrs

What time of year is the best weather in Greece?

Generally, the best weather in Greece is what you’ll experience in May, June and September. Plenty of sunny days that aren’t too hot make May an ideal time for long, leisurely walks in Athens. By June, the beaches of the Aegean islands are warm enough for swimming and popular islands like Mykonos aren’t crowded yet.

How many days a year does it rain in Athens Greece?

How many days does it rain in Athens? Throughout the year, there are 98.9 rainfall days, and 348mm (13.7″) of precipitation is accumulated.

Does Athens normally get snow?

Snow in Athens is not terribly uncommon. The Greek Reporter found snow falls about 4.5 days per year on average in the city. … The cold and snow in Greece fits into a wintry weather pattern that has gripped large parts of central and southern Europe to begin 2019.