Frequent question: How can you get to Greece without flying?

Can you travel by train to Greece?

Travel Greece with InterCitys and regional trains run by Greek Railways OSE. For this Greece travel itinerary, we recommend a Eurail Greece Pass. Or make this trip part of a larger European adventure and travel with a Eurail Global Pass.

What is the easiest way to get to Greece?

By far, the fastest and easiest way to get to Greece is to fly. There are direct flights to many Greek destinations from all major airports.

Can you get to Greece on a boat?

Athens to the Greek Islands – For almost all Greek islands in the Aegean there is at least one ferry per day to and from Athens, 365 days a year. There are two ferry ports that serve Athens – Piraeus is closer to the city, and Rafina is closer to the airport. … From there you can take a ferry to other Cycladic islands.

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Can you get to Greece by boat from USA?

Cruises from USA

Although there are several cruise lines that cross the Atlantic Ocean, not many dock in Athens (Piraeus port). … All the cruise ships sail from Fort Lauderdale and take minimum 27 nights to get to Athens, stopping in numerous harbours along the way.

How do you get to Corfu without flying?

Train, night train, car ferry

  1. Take the train from London St Pancras Eurostar to Paris Nord.
  2. Take the train from Paris Gare De Lyon to Novara.
  3. Take the night train from Novara to Ancona.
  4. Take the car ferry from Ancona to Corfu.

How much is a 7 day trip to Greece?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Greek Islands is $1,274 for a solo traveler, $2,288 for a couple, and $4,290 for a family of 4. Greek Islands hotels range from $50 to $226 per night with an average of $87, while most vacation rentals will cost $130 to $380 per night for the entire home.

Where do I fly into Greece?

The 2 main and busiest airports in Greece are in Athens city and Thessaloniki city. The airport of Athens, El. Venizelos International airport, receives direct flights from the majority of central European airports, while via transfer it receives passengers from around the world.

Where should I stay in Greece for the first time?

If this is your first time in Greece, it makes sense to go to the most famous destinations, i.e. Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. Keep in mind that these Greek destinations are quite popular.

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Can you buy a Greek island?

Purchasing an island in Greece is relatively straightforward. Regardless of nationality, anybody can be a property owner. The only exceptions occur when purchasing an island near a national border or military land. Non European citizens will not be granted permission to buy near national borders.

How much are ferries Greek islands?

Overnight ferries like those going to Crete, Rhodes and Lesvos will cost around 35 euro for deck(economy) and double that for a cabin. That’s per person for the cheapest cabin. Ferries that go to Aegina are like buses that come and go all day and cost about 4 euro and 8 or 10 for the Flying Dolphins.

Why are Greek ferries so expensive?

You get the cost from the Greek ferry websites, fares are proportional to distance, fast ferries are roughly twice the price of conventional ones. Some days there might be a choice other days maybe only the fast ones. From there to the company websites for prices and bookings.

How do you get to Athens Greece?

There are direct flights to Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos, airport code ATH) from most major cities in Western Europe, with flights taking between 2 and 4 hours. From North America, direct flights take 9-10 hours and depart from Boston, Chicago, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, and Toronto.

How long does it take to sail from NY to Greece?

The distance between New York and Greek Islands is 7997 km. How long does it take to get from New York to Greek Islands? It takes approximately 12h 52m to get from New York to Greek Islands, including transfers.

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Are there cruises from Florida to Greece?

Three cruise lines offer cruises from Florida that visit Athens, Greece. The cruises all depart from Fort Lauderdale and dock at Piraeus—the main port of Athens. The cruises are quite lengthy due to the great distances they are traveling and periodically sail for several days at a time before reaching land.