Frequent question: Is Bulgaria safe for students?

Bulgaria is certainly one of the safest countries in Europe.

Is Bulgaria good for students?

Bulgaria is home to good schools like Sofia University, the University of National and World Economy and the New Bulgarian University, all in the capital. … Bulgaria is a great place for international students. From educational opportunities to its nature, Bulgaria has something to offer you.

Is Bulgarian education good?

By study in Bulgaria, you will study in Europe which provides you a good basis for future careers worldwide. Bulgarian higher education institutions are very well-connected with European Union countries and beyond and you will have a chance to participate in many mobility and exchange programs.

Is education free in Bulgaria?

Education in Bulgaria is overseen by the Ministry of Education and Science. … Education at state-owned schools is free of charge, except for the higher education schools, colleges and universities.

What language do they speak in Bulgaria?

Болгария/Официальные языки
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