How different are the Greek funeral rites from what is done in our country?

Funerals in Greece are similar to those in America and Canada — there are readings, prayers, hymns, and a sermon. One major difference is that it is common for mourners to give the deceased a farewell kiss, also called The Kiss of Peace and Anointing.

How did the Greeks do funerals?

After 1100 BC, Greeks began to bury their dead in individual graves rather than group tombs. Athens, however, was a major exception; the Athenians normally cremated their dead and placed their ashes in an urn. During the early Archaic period, Greek cemeteries became larger, but grave goods decreased.

What rites were typically performed for a burial in ancient Greece?

Relatives of the deceased, primarily women, conducted the elaborate burial rituals that were customarily of three parts: the prothesis (laying out of the body (54.11. 5), the ekphora (funeral procession), and the interment of the body or cremated remains of the deceased.

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How are funerals done in America?

Traditional American funerals are basic. They usually include some sort of religious ritual, followed by a procession to the burial grounds, and a small ceremony at the grave site, but these vary depending on the culture.

What are the three stages of an ancient Greek funeral?

Common Questions About Living the Ancient Greek Death

The three stages are the laying out or the prothesis, the funeral procession or the ekphora, and the burial or the Interment.

Why were funeral rituals so important to the ancient Greeks?

Importance of Ancient Greek Funeral Rituals

An ancient Greek funeral was an important ritual for the transition from life to death. Performing the rituals helped ensure that the deceased had a peaceful journey to the afterlife. If they performed the rituals wrong, then the deceased went to the underworld.

What were the burial rites and practices for the Greeks and Trojans during the Trojan War?

The Trojans gather and clean Hector’s body, cremate him, and bury his remains below a monumental tomb. The women of the city tell the story of the brave hero in their laments. This is its foundational narrative – that burial rites are essential to the collective work of communities.

What is the significance of Greek burial?

Greek. The Greeks regarded the burial of the dead as one of the most sacred duties. Its neglect involved an offence against the dead ; for, according to the popular belief, the soul obtained no rest in the realms of the dead, so long as the body remained unburied.

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What are the main elements of a funeral ritual in today’s American society?

The ritual typically includes some or all of a visitation, a funeral service, a committal service, and a funeral reception. The visitation may also be called a viewing or a wake. Guests come to pay their respects to the deceased by viewing their casketed body and spending time with the grieving family.

What do you call the dead person at a funeral?

Mortician specifically means the person who handles the body in preparation for a funeral. Since most funeral homes are small, local operations, the person who embalms and beautifies the body is also often the funeral director.

What is the place called where dead bodies are buried?

A mortuary is also where a body is kept until it’s buried or cremated. Another word for a mortuary is a morgue, which is more commonly used in the United States.

What happens when a Greek person dies?

The Greek Orthodox believe that when an individual dies, the soul and body are separated. The body is returned to the earth and decomposes but is not lost to the soul. The soul does not “return” to heaven, it meets God for the first time and awaits the body’s resurrection.

Do you send flowers to a Greek funeral?

In the Greek Orthodox tradition, flowers are an acceptable gift to the family and may be sent to the funeral home or church prior to the funeral. You may also send a smaller arrangement to the home of the deceased’s immediate family.

What do you wear to a Greek funeral?

If you were to attend a funeral at a Greek Orthodox Church, what should you expect? Those attending dress in dark, modest clothing. Typically, men wear suits and women wear dresses, as the church encourages everyone to cover their arms and legs.

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