How do you get to Montenegro?

Although a tiny country, there are two international airports: one in the capital, Podgorica, and one on the coast in Tivat. To save money on flights to Montenegro, consider flying into Dubrovnik airport in Croatia, which is just 20 minutes from the Montenegrin border.

What is the best way to travel to Montenegro?

Flights to Montenegro are in pretty short supply, but Montenegro Airlines (w flies to Podgorica and Tivat (near Kotor) from several European destinations. The state is also easily reached overland from any of its neighbouring countries.

Where do you fly into for Montenegro?

Montenegro has two of its own international airports – Podgorica in the capital city and Tivat on the coast, in the Bay of Kotor. You can also fly into Dubrovnik’s international airport, Cilipi, which is just a half hour drive from the Montenegrin border.

How do you get to Montenegro from Europe?

Flying to Montenegro

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Flights to Montenegro depart from various European capitals (Belgrade, Moscow, Paris, Rome and Vienna) year-round for Podgorica Airport and Tivat Airport. In summer there are additional flights, including a direct service from London Gatwick to Tivat.

Can you fly direct to Montenegro from the UK?

Direct London to Montenegro flights land at both Podgorica and Tivat (it’s usually cheaper to fly to Podgorica). Tivat can also be reached on direct flights from Manchester. Flights to Montenegro from UK airports take an average of three hours.

Is Montenegro expensive to visit?

Montenegro is an extremely affordable country to visit! If you’re travelling on a budget then you can rent an Airbnb for very little and if you eat at local restaurants you won’t spend a lot on food. If you’re travelling on a bigger budget then you can have a luxury holiday for a fraction of the cost.

Do they speak English in Montenegro?

Do you speak English? English is not a widely spoken Montenegro language. They probably have their hands full juggling all those Balkan languages of which we spoke earlier. That said, however, you will find locals who do speak English in tourist centres.

Is Montenegro safe?

OVERALL RISK : LOW. Overall, Montenegro is a safe country to visit. Its crime rate is fairly low and as a tourist, you should only be worried about petty theft in destinations frequented by tourists. Otherwise, Montenegrin people are very warm and friendly.

What is the best time to visit Montenegro?

The best time of year for a trip to Montenegro is the period from May to October. But do be aware that it gets very hot in July and August, and the beaches are packed. So at that point in the year, it’s best to head to the mountains. As for skiers, they should travel between January and March.

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What is Montenegro known for?

Montenegro is a famous tourist destination. The legendary English romantic poet Lord Bryon once described the country this way: ‘At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast’.

Can you fly direct to Montenegro?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Montenegro? Ryanair and easyJet both fly direct to Montenegro.

How do you get from Montenegro to Italy?

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Italy and Montenegro operated by 1 ferry company – Jadrolinija. The Bari to Bar ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 11 hours.

How long does it take to process a Montenegro visa?

How long does it take to get a Montenegro visa? Standard visa processing time is 15 calendar days from the day of receipt of the application at the Embassy.

How long is flight to Montenegro?

Key facts

Language: Serbian & Montenegrin
Currency: Euro
Time zone: GMT +1
Flight time: 3 hours
Airport code: TGD/TIV

Where should I stay in Montenegro?

The Most Beautiful Places to Stay in Montenegro

  • Sveti Stefan. Architectural Landmark. View. …
  • Perast. Architectural Landmark. View. …
  • Petrovac. Architectural Landmark. View. …
  • Skadar Lake. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Herceg Novi. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Kotor. Natural Feature. …
  • Budva. Architectural Landmark. …
  • Durmitor National Park. Natural Feature.

Does Montenegro have an international airport?


Although Tivat and Podgorica are Montenegro’s main international airports, it is often easier for visitors to arrive via Dubrovnik Airport (in neighbouring Croatia), as it is served by a greater range of flights and airlines.

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