How long is a ferry to Greece?

Specifically, in 2021, Minoan Lines (in cooperation with Grimaldi Lines) and Anek-Superfast continue serving these crossings with frequent departures to Greece, mainly at noon. The sailing from Venice to Igoumenitsa lasts approximately 27 hours, covering a distance of 500 nautical miles.

How long are ferry rides in Greece?

It depends what ferry and what route but from Athens to Santorini takes about 5 hours on the SeaJet, 5 hours on the Golden Star Superrunner, 5.5 hours on a Hellenic high speed ferry, and 7.5 hours on the Blue Star. Though the slowest the Blue Star is the only one that allows you to walk and sit on the outdoor decks.

How long is a ferry from Italy to Greece?

The ferry trip from Italy to Greece lasts from 5 to 24 hours, depending on the port you’re departing from and the final destination.

Can you get a boat to Greece from UK?

There are no ferries from the UK to Greece. They could not possibly compete with land transport. You could take a ferry (or the Tunnel) across to France and drive to Bari in Italy, from where there are ferries to Greece.

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How long are ferries between Greek islands?

The best way to travel among these islands is by boarding a fast ferry. The ferry travel times between these Greek islands vary from 2 hours to 45 minutes (Paros-Naxos). The three islands can also make an excellent escape from the bustle of Santorini and are perfect options for a one-day trip or a weekend away.

How long is ferry from Athens to Mykonos?

How long is the ferry ride from Athens (Piraeus) to Mykonos? The ferry crossing duration from Athens to Mykonos Port ranges from 2 hr 30 min to 5 hr 15 min, depending on whether you’re traveling with a high-speed or standard ferry.

Are ferries expensive in Greece?

Overnight ferries like those going to Crete, Rhodes and Lesvos will cost around 35 euro for deck(economy) and double that for a cabin. That’s per person for the cheapest cabin. Ferries that go to Aegina are like buses that come and go all day and cost about 4 euro and 8 or 10 for the Flying Dolphins.

What is the shortest ferry from Italy to Greece?

Ferry Routes from Bari and Brindisi

It is also preferred amongst tourists who combine their holidays between Italy and Greece. Brindisi hosts the shortest duration ferry route to Igoumenitsa all-year long. Both ports host additional ferry crossings to the Ionian islands of Corfu and Kefalonia during summertime.

Is there a boat that goes from Italy to Greece?

The fastest way to travel by ferry from Italy to Greece is by taking a ferry from the port of Brindisi. Brindisi is the closest Italian port to Greece and is connected to Igoumenitsa, with up to 2 daily ferry routes. The ferry operators that serve these crossings for 2021 are Grimaldi Lines and European Seaways.

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Can you wear shorts in Greece?

Shorts. It is acceptable to wear shorts, whether you are a woman or a man. … Also, if you plan to do a walking tour of Athens, ditch the shorts and opt for a dress – if you are a woman – or a pair of long pants – if you are a man. Shorts are acceptable on the beach or when going from the beach to the shops near-by.

How far is Greece from England ferry?

The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 46h 3m. How far is it from Greece to England? The distance between Greece and England is 1457 miles.

How long does it take to get to Greece from UK?

How long is the flight to Greece? Flights from London to Athens, Greece: 3 hours 35 minutes. Flights from Manchester to Heraklion, Greece: 4 hours 10 minutes. Flights from Birmingham to Corfu, Greece: 3 hours 25 minutes.

Can you sail from UK to Corfu? enables you to book ferries to Corfu effortlessly. … To enquire about ferry company timetables, fares or any extra information for your choice of Corfu sailings online, please select what type of journey you require, the route and the total amount of passengers, followed by the search button!

Can you buy a Greek island?

Purchasing an island in Greece is relatively straightforward. Regardless of nationality, anybody can be a property owner. The only exceptions occur when purchasing an island near a national border or military land. Non European citizens will not be granted permission to buy near national borders.

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Why are Greek ferries so expensive?

You get the cost from the Greek ferry websites, fares are proportional to distance, fast ferries are roughly twice the price of conventional ones. Some days there might be a choice other days maybe only the fast ones. From there to the company websites for prices and bookings.