How much is a ferry from Italy to Greece?

A standard Italy – Greece ferry ticket (via the port of Venice) costs from €80 to €90 depending on the ferry company, the port of arrival, the seat and vehicle type.

How much do ferries cost in Greece?

The Greek Island ferries can range from less than 10 Euros to around 100 Euros per person for a round trip. If you’re only going one way each time, this will cut your costs in half, but book a round trip if you’re only visiting two islands. An average ferry will probably set you back around 50 Euros.

What is the best way to get from Italy to Greece?

The most common way to travel between Italy and Greece is by ferry. There are several Italian ports from which you can choose to take a ferry to Greece, Croatia, and other Mediterranean destinations.

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How long is a train ride from Italy to Greece?

For a Scenic and Leisurely Trip

Only consider traveling between the two countries entirely by train when time is not a concern. When traveling this way, it will take no less than three days.

How long is a ferry from Italy to Santorini?

The best way to get from Italy to Santorini Island without a car is to train and bus and car ferry which takes 42h 30m and costs €280 – €600.

Are Greek ferries expensive?

Greek ferries are half the cost of most European ferries, good value considering the distances involved. They are essentially fixed prices proportional to distance, high speed ones twice the price roughly. The same price if booked directly with ferry company or if you buy them in the island ticket agencies.

How do you get around Greece cheaply?

7 Tips for Exploring Greece on A Budget

  1. Visit off-season to save on flights and almost everything else. …
  2. Sign up for free walking tours in Athens. …
  3. Stay in an Airbnb or couchsurf. …
  4. Book overnight ferries in advance. …
  5. Venture to off-the-beaten-path islands. …
  6. Rent a moped to get around the islands.

What is the cheapest way to get from Italy to Greece?

A ferry from Greece to Italy is one of the cheapest ways to travel between these two countries on a budget. Even if you opt for a dorm bed, it will cost you as little as 100 Euros.

Is it cheaper to go to Greece or Italy?

Greece tends to be a little cheaper than Italy but there’s not a huge difference in prices, especially outside of the large cities. Both Greece and Italy have some fantastic hotels and restaurants. Italy has more top end hotels and fine dining but nowhere beats Santorini and Mykonos for indulgent, pampered luxury.

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Can you take a boat from Italy to Greece?

The fastest way to travel by ferry from Italy to Greece is by taking a ferry from the port of Brindisi. Brindisi is the closest Italian port to Greece and is connected to Igoumenitsa, with up to 2 daily ferry routes. The ferry operators that serve these crossings for 2021 are Grimaldi Lines and European Seaways.

How much does it cost to get from Italy to Greece?

The best way to get from Italy to Greece is to fly which takes 4h 52m and costs €30 – €170. Alternatively, you can Bus, which costs €90 – €140 and takes 31h 21m.

Can u drive from Greece to Italy?

Driving from Italy to Greece

This is a time-consuming trip, and one that’s going to add many miles to your car’s odometer. Driving from Rome to Athens is a journey of roughly 2,400km, and if you were to drive straight through it’d still take you about 24 hours to make the trip.

Can I go from Italy to Greece by train?

To travel by train and ferry from Milan in Italy to Athens in Greece, use one of the ferry connections from Bari, Ancona, Venice or Trieste via Igoumenitsa to Patras. There are three different travel routes.

Is there a ferry from Italy to Corfu?

The Bari Corfu ferry route connects Italy with Ionian Islands and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Ventouris Ferries service runs up to 4 times per week with a sailing duration of around 10 hours while the Anek Superfast service runs up to 1 times per week with a duration from 8 hours.

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Which Greek island is close to Italy?

Leros: the Greek island with just a touch of Italy.

Can you take a ferry from Italy to Corfu?

Ferry from Italy to Corfu

Direct ferries from Italy to the Greek Island of Corfu depart from Brindisi, Bari, and Ancona during high season, however most travelers to Corfu ferry from Italy to Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland, and then take another ferry to Corfu from there.