Is Antoniou a Greek name?

Greek: patronymic from the genitive case of the personal name Antonios (see Anthony).

Is Vlachos a Greek name?

Greek: ethnic name for an Aromanian. The Aromanians are traditionally nomadic pastoralists throughout the southern Balkans, speaking a language closely related to Romanian. The Greek name Vlakhos is derived from an Indo-European stem meaning ‘foreigner’; it is cognate with Welsh and Walloon.

Is Christodoulou a Greek name?

Christodoulou (Greek: Χριστοδούλου) is a surname of Greek origin, the genitive form of the first name Christodoulos (Greek: Χριστόδουλος, “Servant of Christ”).

Is Zervos a Greek name?

Greek: from the vocabulary word zervos, a nickname meaning ‘left-handed’.

Is Drakos a Greek name?

Greek: from the personal name Drakos, from drakos ‘dragon’, ‘ogre’ (classical Greek drakon, ultimately from derkesthai ‘to flash’), an omen name expressing the wish that the boy so named will grow up to be as strong as an ogre. Compare Dragon.

What does Vlahos mean in Greek?

Vlahos or Vlachos (Greek: Βλάχος [ˈvlaxo̞s]), feminine: Vlahou, is a Greek surname, meaning Vlach. The surname Vlahos/Vlachos may refer to: … Petro Vlahos, Greek-American engineer, bluescreen/special effects pioneer.

Where did the Vlachs come from?

Vlachs originate from the Romanised people of south-eastern Europe; from a mix of Roman colonists (from various Roman provinces) and indigenous peoples who were Latinised.

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What nationality is the name Christodoulou?

Greek: patronymic from the genitive case of the personal name Khristodoulos meaning ‘servant of Christ’. Genitive patronymics are particularly associated with Cyprus.

Who is Summer Zervos Wikipedia?

Summer Zervos was a part of the Apprentice Season-5 which was hosted and executively produced by Donald Trump. However, she was fired in the first week. According to The Sun, the former reality star claimed that she was sexually abused by Trump in 2007, which she later opened up during the 2016 press conference.

What is the most common Greek last name?

Papadopoulos!” chances are that at least one man will turn his head. It is the most common last name in Greece.

What is an ancient Greek name?

Along with Penelope, Ancient Greek girl names ranking in the US Top 1000 include Athena, Alexandra, Chloe, Paris, Sophia, and Zoe. For boys, the Ancient Greek name influence is even stronger. Along with Atlas, Ancient Greek boy names ranking in the Top 1000 include Alexander, Theodore, Orion, Leon, and Sebastian.

What is a good Greek last name?

Read on to find a compilation of 100 Greek last names or surnames:

  • Adamos. The name means “Son of Adam”. …
  • Aetos. The surname means “eagle” in Greek.
  • Agathangelou. …
  • Andino. …
  • Ariti. …
  • Argyros. …
  • Bakirtzis. …
  • Baros.