Is evangelou a Greek name?

The surname Evangelou has its highest incidence in Greece. It may also be found in the variant forms: Evangélou. For other potential spellings of this name click here.

Where does the name evangelou come from?

The diminutive derived from the name Evangelos, is usually Vangelis.


Language(s) Greek
Meaning “messenger who brings good news”
Region of origin Greece
Other names

Is Zervos a Greek name?

Greek: from the vocabulary word zervos, a nickname meaning ‘left-handed’.

Is pulos a Greek name?

Poulos is the Greek-origin surname for: Brett Poulos, involved in a 2010 dispute over First Amendment rights.

Who is Summer Zervos Wikipedia?

Summer Zervos was a part of the Apprentice Season-5 which was hosted and executively produced by Donald Trump. However, she was fired in the first week. According to The Sun, the former reality star claimed that she was sexually abused by Trump in 2007, which she later opened up during the 2016 press conference.

Why are Greek names so long?

The reason why surnames seem longer is that: They almost always include a patronymic suffix: -opoulos, -akis, -ellis, -ides, -atos, -oglou, etc. They often include a prefix: papa-, kara-, hatzi-, deli- etc. They are based on the ancient/archaic form of proper names, where applicable, which adds syllables.

Why do Greek names have Poulos?

-poulos/-opoulos is a Greek suffix meaning both “bird” and “child.” It comes from the Latin “pullus” meaning “chick” or “nestling.” While associated with the Peleponessos it is common throughout Greece.

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What does Papadopoulos mean?

Greek: patronymic meaning ‘son of the priest’, from papas ‘priest’ + the patronymic ending -poulos, an ending that occurs mainly in the Peloponnese, derived from Latin pullus ‘nestling’, ‘chick’.