Is Providence Rhode Island walkable?

Providence has an average Walk Score of 78 with 178,042 residents. Providence has some public transportation and is somewhat bikeable. The most walkable Providence neighborhoods are Federal Hill, Fox Point and College Hill.

Is Providence worth visiting?

Most tourists find themselves in Providence, Rhode Island on the way to somewhere else. However, this little city is absolutely worth a visit of its own. Contributor Lilit Marcus looks at what’s great on and off campus. Rhode Island, known affectionately to the locals as “Lil’ Rhodey,” is America’s smallest state.

Is it safe to walk in Providence at night?

Providence has some neighborhoods that should be avoided, especially at night. It is a city, so it’s probably wise to lock your doors, be alert if you are walking alone, etc. However, overall, the violent crime is pretty low. According to wikipedia, violent crime here is average, but neighborhood specific.

Is Providence RI a cool place to live?

Providence is one of the top 25 best places to live on the East Coast, thanks to its expanding job opportunities. … Providence has a similar look and feel to other New England cities like Boston and New Haven, but it offers more affordable living.

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Is Providence a safe city?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Providence is 1 in 36. Based on FBI crime data, Providence is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Rhode Island, Providence has a crime rate that is higher than 100% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Is Newport or Providence better?

Providence is a beautiful, small historic city. Overall Newport has more to offer, and is more fun. There is a big tourist and yacht scene in the summer, but Newport definitly also has some quirky gems, and plenty of beautiful history and sites, beaches and places to explore in the nearby area.

What is Providence known for?

The city is situated at the mouth of the Providence River at the head of Narragansett Bay. Providence was one of the first cities in the country to industrialize and became noted for its textile manufacturing and subsequent machine tool, jewelry, and silverware industries.

Is Providence Rhode Island Nice?

Providence is the capital city of the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island. Providence is more urban and a bit suburban. The diversity is like nothing seen before. … The city is overall a really nice place to live and the scenery is so pretty!

Is Federal Hill in Providence safe?

4. Federal Hill. … As mentioned, Federal Hill is one of Providence’s more affordable neighborhoods, and while it’s generally considered a safe area, certain parts can be a little rough around the edges. Because of its reasonable rent, this is a popular housing location for students attending college in the city.

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What nationality lives in Rhode Island?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Rhode Island are White (Non-Hispanic) (70.8%), White (Hispanic) (7.89%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (5.78%), Other (Hispanic) (5.05%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (3.42%).

Should I move to Providence Rhode Island?

It’s a great starter city. If you want to try out city living in a more manageable area than Boston or New York, Providence is the perfect “starter city.” There are fewer people, less congestion, and a much more affordable cost of living.

Where should I move in Providence RI?

What’s Living in Providence Like? | ULTIMATE Moving to Providence Guide

  • Downtown – Best Providence Neighborhood to Be Close to the Action.
  • College Hill – Best Neighborhood in Providence for College Students.
  • Wayland – Safest Neighborhood in Providence.
  • Blackstone – Affluent Providence Neighborhood.

Why should I move to Rhode Island?

Because Rhode Island is so small, there are lots of activities you can do without driving too far. For example, you can experience the beaches, the city life and rich history all in close proximity. The character and charm that Rhode Island gives off makes for a great place to raise your family.

Is Providence a bad area?

Violent Crime in Providence

With a rate of 455 per 100,000 people, violent crime rates in Providence are about 30% higher than the national average. An average of 1.36 violent crimes are reported in Providence every day, more than twice as frequently as the Rhode Island average.

Are there taxis in Providence?

The four main cab companies in Providence are Airport Taxi (401-737-2868), Checker Cab (401-273-2222), Economy Cab (401-944-6700), and Yellow Cab (401-941-1122). If you want to take a taxi from T.F.

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Is it cheap to live in Rhode Island?

The cost of living in the Ocean State is higher than the national average. But when it comes to dollars and sense, there are still affordable places to live. The cost of living in this vibrant community is 9% lower than the state average. …