Question: Is Malia in Crete nice?

What is Malia like in Crete?

Malia is one of the most touristic towns in Crete, located 35km east of Heraklion, on the outskirts of Mount Selena. Its name means “flat area”, because Malia is situated on a fertile plain. … In the early morning, Malia reminds of a bombed landscape with drunk youngs staggering and seeking the way to their hotel.

Is Malia worth visiting?

Crete’s largest tourist centre is clearly located in the north of the island, along with the towns of Chersonissos, Stalida and Malia. … However, Malia has much more to offer than partying. The palace of Malia is one of the most important Minoan cities in the immediate vicinity and the old Malia is also worth a visit.

Is Malia Beach nice?

According to Kuoni, Malia is a very nice beach. … Elafonissi, Spinalonga island and Chrissi Island and some beaches close to Chania which were calm and had Christal clear waters.

Is Malia old town Nice?

Malia old town is quite nice and a great respite from the strip. It’s easy to get there from Stalis, just keep going until you see a big church on the right and go up the hill.

Is Malia good for couples?

Malia (Crete) is the perfect beach destination for young couples who want to have fun under the sun. … But there are many other reasons that make Malia the perfect beach destination for young couples who want to enjoy a unique beach vacation. Take a look at some must-see attractions for couples on holiday in Malia.

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Is Malia a party town?

The Malia strip is a long road in Malia and is where everything happens on your Malia nightlife. It starts at the top where you can find restaurants shops and bars and goes down to the middle where most of the clubs are situated. … The strip is about 2km long and is full of different bars and clubs to suit all.

What is the best area to stay in Crete?

The best place to stay in Crete is Chania area or western Crete that actually has the best beaches of the island and some of the best hotels along with the beautiful Chania town with its elegant restaurants, the picturesque Old Town of Chania, and the incredible Samaria Gorge (which you should hike).

What’s the capital of Malia?

It lies 34 kilometres (21 miles) east of Heraklion, the Cretan capital city. The town (pop.

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Malia Μάλια
Municipality Hersonissos
• Municipal unit 60.720 km2 (23.444 sq mi)
Elevation 20 m (70 ft)
Population (2011)

Is Crete in the Mediterranean?

Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the largest of the islands forming part of modern Greece.