Quick Answer: Do you need PLF for Greece?

You must complete an online Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before arriving in Greece. … Every traveller, including children, must have their details included on a PLF. If you’re travelling with others outside of your household, you should all complete your own form.

Do I still need a PLF form?

You must usually complete a passenger locator form online before you arrive in the UK. If you’re transiting through the UK, you may not need to fill in the form. Check the transiting section of the safer air travel guidance.

When should I fill out the PLF for Greece?

All passengers traveling to Greece need to complete a passenger locator form prior to travel. This form must be submitted no later than 11:59PM (local time in Greece) the day before arrival.

Is the Greece PLF free?

Then click the “PLF Application” button to be directed to the Greek Government application website. This is a free service-beware of scammers asking for payment. You will need a vaccination certificate to prove you have completed a Covid-19 vaccination course at least 14 days prior to travel.

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What information is required on PLF?

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is a key element All travellers must complete their PLF until the day before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of their stay while in Greece.

Can I download a PLF form?

The EU HEALTHY GATEWAYS consortium has updated the aircraft passenger locator form originally developed by WHO. You can download the updated PLF for aircrafts from the link below: English.

What is the PLF form for Greece?

The PLF is a health declaration form for Greece. The traveler must declare that they are safe to travel and provide contact information. This will allow authorities to reach them in case they have been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

What is PLF for Greece?

We would like to inform you that based on the Greek Government’s decision, it is compulsory for all incoming (regardless of nationality) passengers arriving to Greece to have completed the Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

Is Greece on the amber list?

Greece remains on the UK government’s “amber” list of countries as travel restrictions continue to ease. Ancient monuments, delicious food and around 200 (populated) islands to explore mean that Greece has long been a firm favourite with British holidaymakers.

Do you need a Covid test to get into Greece?

PCR Test Requirement for Entry to Greece: Effective Sunday, December 19, 2021, travelers to Greece will be required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours or a laboratory rapid antigen test taken within 24 hours of arrival to Greece, according to an announcement by the Greek Health Ministry.

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What happens if I don’t receive my QR code for Greece?

To enter Greece, tourists must fill in a form at least 24 hours before travel, and will then be sent a QR code to be shown on arrival. Without the code, tourists may be refused entry, or fined €500. … Failure to provide your PLF form/ QR code will result in a fine or you may be refused entry to Greece.”

How many PLF form Greece?

One PLF should be submitted per family. After submitting their PLF form, each traveller will receive a personal QR code via email (the QR code will be provided in a link in the email), which must be presented, either via mobile phone or printed, upon their arrival in Greece’s airports.

Can you edit PLF form Greece?

The questionnaire (Passenger Locator Form) cannot be completed on the day of your flight. Note: Amendments can be made to the form after submission by clicking on your personal URL and then clicking on the pencil icon on the right hand side of the screen.

What questions are asked on a PLF form?

You’ll be asked what airport you’ll be departing from, what country you’re traveling to, which flight you’re taking, and what your seat number is. You’ll then be asked if you’re traveling with any minors, since they can be added to the same form (while adult travel companions can’t be).