Quick Answer: Is a US will valid in Greece?

Clients very often have wills drafted and probated in other countries and wish to apply them in Greece. They are perfectly valid wills done abroad, under the law of the country where they were executed, which makes sense according to the legal practice of that country.

Is a foreign will valid in Greece?

In most cases the Will, which has been drafted, signed and notarised and/or witnessed in the foreign country, will also be valid in Greece (provided that after the passing of the testator, it is also probated by the court or other authority in that country).

Is an English will valid in Greece?

Can you use a UK Will for Greek property? You can leave your assets in Greece to somebody with a UK Will, but this doesn’t make sense – the cost of the subsequent inheritance will be more and it is possible that you will inadvertently cause inheritance tax problems.

Do you need a will in Greece?

There is no need for a foreigner to make a Greek will.

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Greek law provides for three types of ordinary wills, i.e. the holographic, the public, and the secret. A holographic will is handwritten by the testator and is dated and signed by the hand of the testator.

Is a handwritten will legal in Greece?

Under Greek law, wills may be either handwritten or drafted before a Notary Public. If a will is not found, the law regulates the inheritance succession under intestacy as follows: 1.

What is the inheritance law in Greece?

According to Greek inheritance law, the children and the spouse are entitled to inherit a part of the legacy, regardless of the conditions imposed by a will. If the deceased has not left a will, the heritage is divided among their closest relatives.

Is there inheritance tax in Greece?

Depending on the degree of kinship, the marginal inheritance and gift tax rates are 10% for spouses, parents and children, 20% for close relatives and 40% for all others.

How long does probate take in Greece?

Non-contested inheritance cases typically take between six months to a year. Whether the deceased left a Will or not is very important in order to establish the rights of the heirs. If a Will is found, it must be probated at the country where it was drafted.

How do I claim property in Greece?

To declare your property, you must have (or find through your lawyer in Greece) plain copies of the deed of your property, proof of its registration to the old land registry, and in many cases topographic plans (survey maps) and building permits.

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Is a Canadian Will valid in Greece?

If there is a Canadian will, this will must first be probated and then translated into Greek by a certified translator and authenticated by the Greek Consulate.

Can you inherit debt in Greece?

As anyone who watches the news knows, there is a debt crisis taking place in Greece. … In fact, the heirs may become personally liable for that debt. Similarly, few people are aware of the fact that certain next of kin “automatically” inherit. when their relative dies without a valid will (eg.

How was property inherited in ancient Greece?

In Athens, if a deceased man left legitimate sons, they shared the property equally; if a son predeceased his father leaving sons of his own, those sons inherited their father’s share. … There sons and daughters shared the property, but a son’s share was double a daughter’s.

Is an Australian will valid in Greece?

Greek law also regulates the issue of the deceased having a Will, which has been already probated by a foreign Court; for example an Australian Will which encompasses the Greek property directly or indirectly. Such Wills are valid in Greece.

Can you contest a will in Greece?

Contesting a Greek Will

Our lawyers are available to demonstrate their expertise in disputes concerning the validity of a Greek Will, whether it is a matter of arguing for its validity or contesting it. Under Greek law, a Will can be challenged on a number of grounds including: Absence of mental capacity.

What is inheritance tax in UK?

The standard Inheritance Tax rate is 40%. It’s only charged on the part of your estate that’s above the threshold. Example Your estate is worth £500,000 and your tax-free threshold is £325,000. The Inheritance Tax charged will be 40% of £175,000 (£500,000 minus £325,000).

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