Quick Answer: Why did Wade leave Greek?

Wade Matthews was the rush chair and pledge educator of Cyprus-Rhodes University chapter of Kappa Tau Gamma. He was expelled from CRU due to a prank by Omega Chi.

Who does Rusty lose his virginity to in Greek?

Rusty loses his virginity to Jen K and falls in love with her. Rusty is the first to learn from Calvin, himself, that he is gay. Calvin, happy with Rusty’s acceptance of him being gay, is satisfied with knowing that he at least has Rusty as a brother, not knowing how well his Omega Chi brothers will take the news.

What happened to Andy on Greek?

McCartney’s previous roles have included turns as a surfer with substance abuse problems on the WB’s “Summerland” and as a murder suspect on a recent “Law & Order: SVU.” … McCartney says that Andy’s departure from “Greek” was left open-ended, so that he could return down the line.

Who does Cappie end up with in Greek?

Over the 30 hour duration of the exam, they end up bonding over their mutual dislike for their parents. He ends up dating Rebecca Logan. At the end of the season, during Spring Break in Myrtle Beach, he and Casey kiss on the beach after he gets punched by a drunk guy.

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Was Greek The show Cancelled?

Created by Patrick Sean Smith, Greek premiered on ABC Family in July 2007, and ran for four seasons until March 2011. … Fortunately, our ratings went up in the third season, and people kind of rallied for the show, so we never had to show that.

Who does spitter end up with in Greek?

Later, after Casey gave her blessing, Ashleigh moved out of Rusty’s apartment and admitted her feelings to him. The two kissed and became a couple.

Who does Casey Cartwright end up with?

Also during her time at ZBZ, Casey was the little sister of Frannie Morgan and big sister of Rebecca Logan. By the end of series, she is the girlfriend/ future wife of Cappie, her first love, and is leaving with him to live in Washington, D.C.

Casey Cartwright
Last appearance Legacy

What is cappies real name on Greek?

“Cappie” is actually a nickname and his real name is “Captain John Paul Jones,” which was finally revealed during the last five minutes of the series finale. His carefree and fun-loving personality hides a very sharp mind.

Who is Rusty’s secret admirer?

Jennifer Kenney aka Jen K was a recurring character in the series.

Does Evan date Frannie?

He dated her while he was with Frannie and continued to see her after dumping Frannie.

What happens to the KT house in Greek?

Ashleigh locked down a successful job! Dale lavaliered Laura!), heartbreaking events (The KT house was demolished despite everyone’s attempts to save it!

Who burned down the Gamma Psi house?

ZBZ accidentally sets their house on fire during season 3.

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Is Greek coming back?

Freeform (a.k.a. ABC Family) has announced a major Greek reunion that’ll see the stars getting back together for their five-year reunion. … According to a press release, Greek’s creator Patrick Sean Smith and executive producers Lloyd Segan and Shawn Piller are returning to exec produce the movie.

What happened to Evans hand?

Evans had cut his hand in an accident as they were nearing the pole, and the wound did not heal properly. During the return journey Evans began to deteriorate mentally as well as physically, suffering from frostbite to his fingers, nose and cheeks.

Is Zbz a real sorority?

Zeta Beta Zeta (ZBZ), also known as Zeta Beta or ZBZ is a top sorority at CRU based on academics, athletics and philanthropy. It even has a national network, lead by a National Council of former ZBZs.