What can we learn about early Greek values from the Iliad and the Odyssey?

What is the importance of the Iliad and The Odyssey to Greek culture?

Homer’s most important contribution to Greek culture was to provide a common set of values that enshrined the Greeks’ own ideas about themselves. His poems provided a fixed model of heroism, nobility and the good life to which all Greeks, especially aristocrats, subscribed.

What is the values of Iliad and Odyssey?

The values gave people more guidance. In the Iliad and the Odyssey, the readers learn about courage and honor. These are presented as the best warrior’s assets. Because of the honor, Hector decided to fight for Troy and eject the invaders from the territory.

How does The Odyssey show Greek values?

Greek values that are present in The Odyssey are loyalty, hospitality, self-control, and family. Detailed answer: Homer’s poem tells the story of Odysseus – the king of Ithaca. … It still captivates audiences while showing a hero and appealing story that is remarkably human.

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What Greek values are revealed in the Iliad?

The characters prize so highly the martial values of honor, noble bravery, and glory that they willingly sacrifice the chance to live a long life with those they love.

What life lessons can we learn from the Iliad and Odyssey?

The Iliad, the story of the Trojan War, offers several moral lessons to its readers, including the importance of leaders treating their soldiers with respect, the importance of accepting apologies, and the need for respecting family bonds.

What do we learn about ancient Greek lives from the Iliad?

Most significantly, the Iliad changed the way people worshipped. … At the same time, people established cults to the Iliad’s human heroes, adopting them as their heroic ancestors. Belonging to the Iliad, possessing history informed by the Iliad, became cornerstones of ‘Greekness’, and of Greek identity.

What are Greek values?

The ancient Greeks implemented their values of loyalty, glory, intelligence and hospitality into everyday life. While these values may seem simple, they effectively shaped an entire civilization into a culture that is one of the most referenced in history.

Which core Greek values do the epic stories the Iliad and Odyssey promote?

The Greeks valued beauty, art, intellect, honor, and truth; the list is long. Some of these values are shown through the story of the Odyssey, which tells of the adventures of Odysseus and his family.

How did Iliad and Odyssey influence the world?

The Iliad and the Odyssey influenced the world through their formative influence on ancient Greek culture, literature, and religion.

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What values are important in The Odyssey?

The moral values in the story include loyalty, compassion, self-control and perseverance. Each one has a tale or two associated with it. Loyalty is an important moral value in The Odyssey because Odysseus is devoted to his family. He is determined to return home to his wife despite all of the obstacles in his way.

Which excerpt from The Odyssey best demonstrates the importance of?

“I learned to keep my head in hardship – years of war and years at sea. Let this new trial come” is the excerpt that demonstrates the significance of perseverance for Greek people.

What did The Odyssey value?

The most important value at the core of The Odyssey is hospitality, a social custom common to nearly all pre-modern societies and essential to ancient Greek social structure. Hospitality, also called “guest-friendship,” was a social ritual expected of men in the Greek world.

Which value is most important in Iliad?

Mortality makes and unmakes value in the “Iliad,” and Achilles’ long struggle with that tragic law is Homer’s most potent meaning, and for Schein, the most important knowledge his book offers.

What was the purpose of the Iliad?

Like The Iliad, these stories were passed along through oral tradition. Unlike famous Disney movies, which were shared for entertainment purposes, The Iliad was shared for the purpose of maintaining a historical account of the Greeks and Trojans during the Bronze Age.