What do I need to renew my Greek passport?

What do I need for a Greek passport?

Documents needed to apply for Greek citizenship

  1. A certified copy of your printed birth certificate.
  2. A certified copy of your certificate of christening/baptism.
  3. A certified copy of your marriage certificate (if any)
  4. A photocopy of your passport, which must be valid.
  5. Father’s and/or mother’s birth certificate.

How long does it take to get a new passport in Greece?

Processing time is approximately 3 weeks, but could take as long as one month. Your previous passport will be canceled and returned to you with the new one.

How long does it take to renew Greek passport in UK?

The period of time required to collect your passport is between 4 – 6 weeks from application.

How long does it take to renew Greek passport in Greece?

The required time for the completion of this process is approximately 4-5 weeks. We kindly inform you that, in order to apply or renew your passport, an appointment is required with the relevant Greek Consular Authority in the USA.

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Can I return to Greece with an expired passport?

For entry into Greece, your passport should have at least six months of remaining validity. While Greek law requires three months of passport validity beyond the intended date of your departure, if you are transiting a country that requires six months of validity, you may not be permitted to continue your trip.

What happens to your old passport when you get a new one?

Yes, your old passport will be returned unless it is deemed to be damaged by the UK Identity & Passport Service (IPS). The passport will clearly indicate that it is invalid and it is important that you advise whether any valid visas remain in the passport before applying for it to be renewed.

Can I get a Greek passport if my dad is Greek?

Any individual of Greek descent who was born outside of the country is legally entitled to gain Greek citizenship via a parent or grandparent who was born in Greece. It tends to be non-EU citizens who utilise this option as it enables them to live and work in the EU, either in Greece or elsewhere.

How do I get a Greek ID card?

Go to the police station or consulate (in Germany and Cyprus only) to issue a Greek national ID. Some require appointments; others do not. If police need to request your Greek citizenship records, it may take a few days and you will be asked to come back.

Is Greek passport strong?

The Greek passport is among the strongest in the world ranking eighth on the 2021 Henley Passport Index, with its holders enjoying visa-free access to 184 countries.

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Can I live in Greece after Brexit?

Living in Greece after Brexit

From now on British expats will have to follow non-EU application procedures with one notable exception – you can still stay in Greece for up to 3 months without a visa. After this, you will need to apply for permanent residency.

Can I work in Greece with a UK passport?

To stay for longer, work, study or for business purposes in Greece, UK nationals who are not covered by the Withdrawal Agreement will need to meet the entry requirements set out by the Greek Immigration Code. This means they might need to apply for a national visa and/or residence permit.

Can Greek citizens travel to UK?

Can Greek citizens travel to the UK. Yes, Greek citizens can travel to the United Kingdom. Greek nationals must meet all UK entry requirements. Tourists and business travellers can enter the country visa-free, they will need a UK ETA from 2025.