What is Chania like in Crete?

Chania is a small, picturesque town worth getting to know, where you’ll almost certainly stay longer than you intended, enjoying tasty food, the wonderful harbour, old buildings. great architecture and many more. Chania is also one of the two places you are most likely to see on arriving in Crete.

Is Chania worth visiting?

Chania is a beautiful city and is the gateway t some of the best beaches in Europe on Crete’s west and south west coast. Some breath-taking Gorges, the White Mountains the list is endless.. Perhaps my advice is influenced by many visits to this beautiful area, one of my favourites in Greece.

Is Chania or Heraklion nicer?

Both cities have pretty corners, but Chania is more consistently pretty than Heraklion is. I know where to find the pretty spots in Heraklion, but in Chania, the town is gorgeous pretty much no matter where you are. If you want to spend hours wandering around a charming city, pick Chania.

Is Chania in Greece nice?

At the westernmost side of Crete, Chania is a wonderful place for vacations. It offers a beautiful medieval town, some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and some sights of high interest.

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Does Chania have a beach?

Favoured by world travellers and locals alike for their spell-binding picturesque beauty and crystalline waters the top beaches in Chania, Crete comprise of the sandy beaches of Elafonissi, Balos, Falassarna, Frangokastello, Georgioupolis, Kalyves, Kiani Akti, Kolimpari, Platanias and Paleochora.

How long is ferry from Chania to Santorini?

The high-speed ferries take about two hours, while slower ferries take three hours. Economy and business class seats are available for all ferries, as well as the option to bring a vehicle on board. Note that if you do bring a vehicle, your ticket price will increase.

What is the quiet part of Crete?

You can google the beaches of Elafonisi, Balos and Falasarna. There are many quiet villages that are in close proximity to those, like Sougia and Paleochora with their own beautiful beaches too. Note that especially Elafonisi gathers too many tourists during peak season, but definitely deserves a visit.

How safe is Chania?

The good news is that Chania – as well as the entire country of Greece – is a very safe place to visit. The neighborhoods that exist in Chania are all relatively safe and should not be feared.

Is it cheaper to fly to Chania or Heraklion?

Is it cheaper to stay in Heraklion or Chania: Heraklion is probably cheaper, it’s less touristy than Chania. You will have more local prices, overall.

Is Chania a party town?

The nightlife in Chania is simply spectacular and intense. … The most popular bars are found in the old port of Chania or at the backstreets of the Medieval Town. In the famous tourist places in the region, like Platanias and Agia Marina, there are few all-night clubs with loud music.

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What is Chania known for?

The town of Chania is famous for its Venetian harbor and the old town with its winding alleys filled with bougainvillea and jasmine. … Chania is known for traditional leather craft, and there are also excellent boutiques for island-friendly fashions and crafts.

Which is better Chania or Rethymnon?

Rethymnon is the better choice if your interests include some of the ancient sites: Phaestos, Agia Triada, and Gortys could be fairly visited from there. Chania, though, as others have already said, is the more beautiful city, and there is certainly more to do there and a wider choice of eating places.

How far is Chania from airport?

The airport is located near Souda Bay on the Akrotiri peninsula, about 14km from the town of Chania.

How do you say hello in Crete?

Hello – Yassou (Yah-Soo) – This can also be shortened to ‘ya’ in an informal setting, but in a more formal setting say ‘Yassas’ such as when addressing a stranger or an older person.

Are beaches in Chania nice?

Chania beaches. Numerous beautiful beaches with soft sand or colored pebbles are found in the prefecture of Chania in western Crete. Many Chania beaches are among the best on the island, such as Balos, Falassarna, and Elafonissi.