Whats the Greek name for George?

Georgios (Γεώργιος, Geōrgios, Modern Greek: [ʝeˈorʝios] Ancient Greek: [geɔ́ːrgios]) is a Greek name derived from the word georgos (γεωργός, georgós, “farmer” lit. “earth-worker”). … The Greek name is usually anglicized as George.

What is George in Latin?

Latin: Georgius. Latvian: Georgijs, Georgs, Jurģis, Juris. Lithuanian: Georgijus, Jurgis.

What is the name George short for?

The name George is of Greek origin and means “farmer.” It is from the Greek name Georgios, which was derived from the Greek word georgos, meaning “farmer, earthworker”.

Is George biblical?

George is venerated by some Christians and Muslims because of his composite personality combining several Biblical, Quranic and other ancient mythical heroes. In some sources he is identified with Elijah or Mar Elis, George or Mar Jirjus and in others as al-Khidr.

Is George a French name?

English, Welsh, French, South Indian, etc.: from the personal name George, Greek Georgios, from an adjectival form, georgios ‘rustic’, of georgos ‘farmer’. This became established as a personal name in classical times through its association with the fashion for pastoral poetry.

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What is the Russian name for George?

Yury, Yuri, Youri, Yurii, Yuriy, Yurij, Iurii or Iouri is the Slavic (Ukrainian: Юрій, romanized: Jurij, or Russian: Юрий, romanized: Jurij, or Bulgarian: Юрий, romanized: Jurij, or Belarusian: Юры, romanized: Jury) form of the masculine given name George; it is derived directly from the Greek form Georgios and related …

What is George in Irish?

George in Irish is Seoirse.

What is George in different languages?

Let’s see how Giorgos is spelled in other languages: English: George; Arabic: Girgis; Basque: Gorka; Bulgarian: Georgi; French: Georges; German: Georg, Jörg, Jürgen, Jörgen; Georgian: გიორგი (Giorgi); Danish: Jørgen; Estonian: Spanish and Portuguese: Jorge; Italian: Giorgio; Catalan: Jordi; Lithuanian: Jurgis; …

What is George in Croatian?

Blanka – Blanche. Blaž – Blaise. Baldo – Bob. Đuro (Juraj) – George.

What does the name George mean spiritually?

In Greek the meaning of the name George is: From ‘georgos’ meaning tiller of the soil, or farmer. Famous bearer: St George, patron saint of England, who struggled with a fire breathing dragon symbolizing the devil.

Is St George Turkish?

Who was he? According to legend, St George was a Roman soldier born in what is now modern-day Turkey in around 280AD and died around 303. Very little is known about his early life but it is believed he was born to a wealthy Christian noble family.

Is George a good name?

The name “George” is Greek in origin — Georgios, from georgos , which means “a tiller of the soil” or “a farmer,” the site says. That’s a good, modest name for a boy born from not so modest means. And despite its falling out of favour in North America, it’s still quite a common name for modern children in Britain.

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Did Saint George exist?

St George might be hailed as a national hero, but he was actually born – in the 3rd century AD – more than 2,000 miles away in Cappadocia (modern day Turkey). He is thought to have died in Lydda (modern day Israel) in the Roman province of Palestine in AD 303.

How do Germans say George?

dʒɔrdʒ; ˈʃtɛ fɑn ˈɑn toʊnGEORGE.

Is the last name George Greek?

Our George Family History. This popular surname is of ancient Greek origins from the personal name George (Greek: Georgios), from an adjectival form, georgios meaning ‘rustic’, or of georgos or ‘farmer’.

Is Jorge the same as George?

Jorge is a Spanish or Portuguese male name, which is the equivalent of the English name, George. … The correct pronunciation of Jorge in Spanish is Hor-heh. Both the “J” and the “G” are pronounced as “H”.