Why did Frannie leave Greek?

Her obsession of keeping ZBZ’s top spot led to her eventual downfall as Frannie was stripped of her title due to fallout from Jen K’s exposé on the Greek system. Though she was resentful at first, she supported Casey as the new president. However, it did not stop her from trying to regain power.

Does Frannie come back to ZBZ?

Chapter Two. In episode 15, Casey finds out about a past kind act of Frannie in her freshman year, which persuades her to reinstate Frannie at ZBZ.

Does Frannie date Evan?

He dated her while he was with Frannie and continued to see her after dumping Frannie.

Do Ashley and Rusty end up together?

Later, after Casey gave her blessing, Ashleigh moved out of Rusty’s apartment and admitted her feelings to him. The two kissed and became a couple.

Who does Cappie end up with in Greek?

Over the 30 hour duration of the exam, they end up bonding over their mutual dislike for their parents. He ends up dating Rebecca Logan. At the end of the season, during Spring Break in Myrtle Beach, he and Casey kiss on the beach after he gets punched by a drunk guy.

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Who does Ashley end up with in Greek?

Season 3. Ashleigh gets together with Fisher, the Hasher, and pursues a secret romantic relationship with him. Eventually, they both come out to the house as a couple.

How does Greek TV series end?

Something that Greek fans can all agree on is that the final shot of the finale, with Cappie and Casey driving off into the sunset* together (*to Washington, D.C.), was the happy ending the fan-favorite, constantly-off-and-on couple deserved.

What is cappies real name on Greek?

Unfortunately, despite his facial hair, the Kappas didn’t warm up to Evan as much as they did to Cappie. They gave Evan the nickname “Bing” because according to Joe, Evan was halfway between a bid and a ding (no bid). … Both guys hit on Casey and she chose Cappie.

Who is Rusty’s secret admirer?

Jennifer Kenney aka Jen K was a recurring character in the series.

Does Jordan leave Greek?

Jordan Reed

She was Casey’s little sister as a pledge at ZBZ. She left Cyprus-Rhodes to pursue a career in photography.

Who does Casey Cartwright end up with?

Also during her time at ZBZ, Casey was the little sister of Frannie Morgan and big sister of Rebecca Logan. By the end of series, she is the girlfriend/ future wife of Cappie, her first love, and is leaving with him to live in Washington, D.C.

Casey Cartwright
Last appearance Legacy

What happened to Andy on Greek?

McCartney’s previous roles have included turns as a surfer with substance abuse problems on the WB’s “Summerland” and as a murder suspect on a recent “Law & Order: SVU.” … McCartney says that Andy’s departure from “Greek” was left open-ended, so that he could return down the line.

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Was Greek Cancelled?

ABC Family could have ended it, but they gave us this opportunity and I don’t want to squander it.” On July 29, 2010, it was confirmed that the fourth and final season of Greek would air beginning in January 2011. The series finale aired on March 7, 2011.

Who burned down the Gamma Psi house?

ZBZ accidentally sets their house on fire during season 3.

Why do Cappie and Casey break up?

Evan and Rebecca made up while Casey and Cappie broke up after Casey found out that she got in to George Washington Law School but not Cyprus Rhodes University Law school (fictional). This season begins at graduation with everyone in their robes, ready to enter the real world.