Why was Darius mad at Greece?

Darius I’s anger for Athens grew, because of the aid they provided to the Ionians, and gave him the incentive to invade Greece. The rebellion had clearly shown that the empire was unstable, and vulnerable to internal conflicts.

Why did Darius get revenge on the Greeks?

Why did Darius swear to get revenge on the Greeks? Darius was enraged that some mainland Greek city-states had aided Greek cities in Asia Minor that had rebelled against Persia.

Who was Darius and why did he want revenge on Athens?

Answer: When the Phidippides arrived in Athens they shouted “NIKE”. Question: Why did King Darius want revenge on the Greek city-states? Answer: King Darius wanted revenge on the Greek city-states because they helped the Ionians rebel against Persia.

Who did Darius vow revenge against?

Herodotus reports that when Darius heard of the burning of Sardis, he swore vengeance upon the Athenians (after asking who they indeed were), and tasked a servant with reminding him three times each day of his vow: “Master, remember the Athenians”.

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How many Greek soldiers were at the Battle of Thermopylae?

Why is the Battle of Thermopylae famous? The Battle of Thermopylae is celebrated as an example of heroic persistence against seemingly impossible odds. The Greek army consisted of about 7,000 men, while the Persian army may have had as many as 300,000.

Why did Darius I invade Greece in the first Greco Persian War?

The Persian king Darius the Great vowed to have revenge on Athens and Eretria for this act. … Seeking to secure his empire from further revolts and from the interference of the mainland Greeks, Darius embarked on a scheme to conquer Greece and to punish Athens and Eretria for the burning of Sardis.

What was Miltiades strategy in the battle of Marathon?

To meet the larger invading force, the Athenian army commander Miltiades thinned out his army’s center and reinforced the wings, hoping that his hoplites—heavily armed foot soldiers—could hold the middle while his flanks broke through the lighter-clad Persian infantry.

What did Darius do for the Persian Empire?

Darius organized the empire by dividing it into provinces and placing satraps to govern it. He organized Achaemenid coinage as a new uniform monetary system, along with making Aramaic the official language of the empire.

Why does Xerxes invade Greece?

Xerxes had spent years planning his invasion of Greece. It was to be his ‘divine punishment’ for his father Darius’ crushing defeat at Marathon in 490 BC. … It was a suicide mission, designed to detain the Persians just long enough for the rest of the Greek allies to gather their forces.

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Why did the Spartans stand alone at Thermopylae?

From a strategic point of view, by defending Thermopylae, the Greeks were making the best possible use of their forces. As long as they could prevent a further Persian advance into Greece, they had no need to seek a decisive battle and could, thus, remain on the defensive.

How many Persians died in battle of Thermopylae?

According to Herodotus the Persians lost 20,000 dead at Thermopylae. The Greek losses are uncertain.

Do Spartans still exist?

Spartans are still there. Sparta was just the capital of Lacedaemonia, hence the L on their shields, not an S but an L… … So yes, the Spartans or else the Lacedeamoneans are still there and they were into isolation for the most part of their history and opened up to the world just the last 50 years.

What was the average height of a Spartan?

The main way they did this was compare shields and take into account that the Spartan phalanx would have the shields covering the adjacent soldier from neck to thigh. The estimations point to around 1,70 m to around 1,78 m. That converts to 5 7′ to 5 10′ if you are from a country that uses feet.