Why was travel throughout Greece difficult for ancient Greeks quizlet?

Why was travel throughout Greece difficult for ancient Greece?

Travel by land in ancient Greece was difficult. Roads were nothing more than dirt paths that were dry and dusty during the summer and muddy during the winters. Some roads were cut with ruts so that the wheels of carts could roll within them. … Rich people could rent or own horses for travel.

Why was travel difficult in Greece quizlet?

The land was very difficult to travel. … The land was very rocky everywhere. How did some ancient Greek farmers deal with their land’s limitations? They built earth steps into hills to create flat land.

Which of the following was a challenge of traveling by sea for ancient Greece?

The merchant’s ships were built for space, not for speed. Which of the following was a challenge of traveling by sea for ancient Greeks? A. They had no compasses or charts to help them navigate.

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Why was communication difficult between communities in ancient Greece?

Most ancient Greeks traveled by and lived near the water. … The mountains and the seas of Greece contributed greatly to the isolation of ancient Greek communities. Because travel over the mountains and across the water was so difficult, the people in different settlements had little communication with each other.

What made it difficult to make long journeys by land?

Because no water routes were available. Without engines, land travel was slow and punishing. Water transportation was unquestionably superior. If your characters can get closer to their destination via rivers, lakes, or ocean,* they will.

Why was it difficult to farm in ancient Greece quizlet?

Farming in ancient Greece was difficult due to the limited amount of good soil and cropland. … The Greeks used the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea to trade for food and other goods. The Greeks established colonies for trade of grain and to grow additional crops.

How did Greek farmers meet these challenges?

How Farmers Met These Challenges: Some farmers built wide earth steps into the hills to create more flat land for farming. Most farmers grew crops like grapes and olives, which needed less land. Farmers planted hillside orchards of fruit and nut trees.

What were some challenges to Greek farmers?

What were major challenges Greek farmers faced? Greek farmers had limited farmland ,could not raise cattle,had to grow crops that needed less lands and rainy seasons were only in winter.

What are some challenges merchant ships faced?

Identify a challenge the merchant ships faced? Many islands or rocks to crash into; they had no lighthouses. The one person who made decisions was called a king. They made decisions with their council of aristocrats.

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What is one reason the traveling by water was easier than traveling by land for ancient Greeks?

What is one reason that traveling by water was easier than traveling by land for ancient Greeks? Ancient Greeks were never near water and had to learn how to travel by plane. Ancient Greeks were never near water and had to continue traveling by land. Ancient Greeks were always near water and learned to travel by ship.

Why did the Greeks travel mostly by sea?

Because farming didn’t produce huge surpluses, and travel across the terrain was difficult, the Greeks came to depend on the sea. People living near the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Ionian Seas became fishers, sailors, and merchants.

Why was it hard to farm in Greece?

It was hard to do farming in Ancient Greece because there was not good soil. There was hardly any soil and the soil that was there was often dry and hard to plant crops in.

Why was travel and communication difficult by land between the city states?

The high mountains made it very difficult for people to travel or communicate. Therefore, each polis developed independently and, often, very differently from one another.

Why did Greece not support a large population?

With so little farmland or fresh water for irrigation, Greece was never able to support a large population; it is estimated that no more than a few million people lived in ancient Greece at any given time, and even this small population couldn’t expect the land to support a life of luxury, so they Greeks based their …

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