You asked: What is the Greek concept of arête quizlet?

What is the Greek concept of arete? Being the best one can be.

What is the best definition of the Greek concept of Arete quizlet?

Arête definition. The Greek word for excellence in all things. This means achievement in many areas, not just one.

Why is Arete important to Greek culture quizlet?

The importance of areté implies that the Greeks saw their universe as one in which human actions are of extreme importance – that the world is a place of conflict and difficulty, and human value and meaning are measured against how effective each individual is in the world.

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Why does Achilles become angry with the Greek leader Agamemnon and withdraw from the Trojan War?

In the Iliad, why does Achilles become angry with the Greek leader Agamemnon and withdraw from the Trojan War? Agamemnon takes the beautiful Briseis from Achilles. had provided a safe haven during the Dark Ages. … Why is the celebrated poet Sappho so extraordinary for this period in Greece?

What new architectural form did the mycenaeans develop to bury their kings group of answer choices?

The Mycenaean palaces proved the wealth of the kings who ruled them. The Palaces included a large meeting hall, called a Megaron, and kings were buried in deep shaft graves along with their riches. Later tombs, called tholos, or beehive tombs, were built with massive stones and covered with earth.

What is Arete to the Greeks?

Arete (Greek: ἀρετή) is a concept in ancient Greek thought that, in its most basic sense, refers to “excellence” of any kind. … In its earliest appearance in Greek, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one’s full potential.

What is the term that describes the long dark train of debris under Placemark a quizlet?

What is the term that describes the long dark train of debris under placemark A? Medial moraine.

Which of the following ancient cultures was known for glorifying the human form?

The glorification of the human form and of human accomplishment defined ancient Greek art, philosophy, literature, and religion. Even their gods were created in the image of humans. The Greek gods had human emotions, looked like humans, and behaved more like people than infallible gods.

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Why do you think the idea of excellence is so important to the Greek culture?

The Greeks believed that excellence breeds excellence. So striving for excellence for its own sake, for truth, beauty and goodness in the whole educational process, was considered as the only way to produce it.

Who did the Athenians view as the founding father of their Polis’s democracy?

Cleisthenes of Athens, Cleisthenes also spelled Clisthenes, (born c. 570 bce—died c. 508), statesman regarded as the founder of Athenian democracy, serving as chief archon (highest magistrate) of Athens (525–524).

What did Agamemnon do Achilles?

Agamemnon profoundly insults Achilles by taking Briseis from him, and since Achilles never really acknowledged Agamemnon’s authority, he revolts. Even when Agamemnon agrees to return Briseis along with some gifts, Achilles still sulks in his tent .

What is the relationship between Achilles and Agamemnon?

Agamemnon and Achilles come from different backgrounds, but the war in Troy brings them together. Their different abilities and personalities lead to conflict between them. When Agamemnon must give up his concubine Chryseis, he lashes out and takes Achilles’ lover Briseis.

Why does Achilles fight for Agamemnon?

In the 10th year a quarrel with Agamemnon occurred when Achilles insisted that Agamemnon restore Chryseis, his prize of war, to her father, a priest of Apollo, so as to appease the wrath of Apollo, who had decimated the camp with a pestilence.

How did the mycenaeans influence Greek culture?

The Mycenaeans first built their trade networks within Greece by constructing the first roads in Europe to bring wheat from Thessaly and oil from Attica to the primary Mycenaean cities of Mycenae, Pylos, and Tiryns on the Peloponnese peninsula.

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What were some notable architectural features of the Mycenaean settlements?

One of the distinctive features of the Mycenaean architecture is the very large stone blocks which characterize the brilliant fortification structures like the fortifying walls of the Acropolis, the Lion Gate and the Cyclopean walls (the myth says that they were constructed by the Cyclops).

What is Mycenaean art?

The term “Mycenaean” or “Mycenean” culture is used to describe one of the strands of Aegean Art that emerged in the eastern Mediterranean area. It is also used sometimes to describe early mainland Greek art as a whole, during the late Bronze Age (c. 1650-1200 BCE).