Your question: What do you write in a Greek Orthodox baptism Card?

What do you say at a Greek Orthodox Baptism?

‘East’ signifies the abode of God – the true Light. The Priest, standing in front of them, blows three times onto the child’s head in the form of the Cross to drive away any evil spirits and adverse powers, blessing it each time saying “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

What do you say in Greek when a baby is baptized?

To the parents AND family of the newborn we wish: Να σας ζήσει! [na sas zeesee] – = May your child live a long and healthy life!

What do you write in a baptism card?


  1. “Warmest wishes on your baptism…and welcome to our community of faith.”
  2. “You’re getting baptized—and I’m feeling overjoyed for you!”
  3. “Rejoicing with you as you celebrate your baptism. …
  4. “May you always remember this day, and may God’s joy, love and peace fill you through all your tomorrows.”
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What do you say when someone is baptized?

“Have you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” “Will you obey and serve Him as your King for the rest of your life?” If they answer “Yes,” to both, then say something like this: “Because you’ve professed your faith in the Lord Jesus, I now baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

What do you write in a Greek wedding card?

Wedding Wishes

Η ώρα η καλή [I ora I kali] – “May your time be good” May the time of marriage be good and lucky. This is said before the marriage to wish the couple well. To the newly married couple, we wish: Να ζήσετε!

What is an Orthodox baptism like?

In Orthodox tradition, baptism includes three full submersions (or immersions) into a baptismal font filled with holy water – each submersion for Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Threefold submersion also symbolizes death and rebirth of Christ. Baptism by pouring or sprinkling water is allowed only as rare exception.

How do you respond to Xronia Polla?

For example in Greece we say something like “Xronia Polla!” which means something like “live long” or “Christ Has Risen!” and they usually reply “He has, indeed!” What do you say in England?

How do you say best wishes in Greek?

Greek translation: Τις καλύτερες ευχές μου

What do you say when someone has a baby in Greek?

Well-wishes in Greek for a newborn baby

  1. Να σας ζήσει! (na sas zisi) This is probably the most common wish for new parents. …
  2. Να το χαίρεστε! (na to hereste) Also a very popular wish when a baby is born. …
  3. Καλότυχο! (kalotiho) This is a simple adjective Greek people use as a wish for a newborn baby. …
  4. Καλοφωτισμένο!
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What do you write in a non religious christening card?

Simple Messages

Wishing you a life full of happiness and health. We hope you have a lovely christening day. May your christening day be touched with every blessing and your future filled with many things to smile about. May your life be filled with love and laughter.

How much money do you give for a baptism?

The cost of a baptism gift can vary depending on your relationship to the family. Godparents normally spend between $100 to $150 on a gift while close relatives spend about $50. If you are a family friend, it is typical to spend money on a gift that is within your budget.

What is a good Bible verse for baptism?

“The grace of being is gift of baptism by washing in water. And in spirit of Christ Jesus.” “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” “When we were baptized we took upon us not only the name of Christ, but also the law of obedience.”

How do you write a short baptism testimony?

Tips to Remember as You Write Your Testimony

  1. Stick to the point. Your conversion and new life in Christ should be the main points.
  2. Be specific. Include events, genuine feelings, and personal insights that clarify your main point. …
  3. Be current. Tell what’s happening in your life with God right now, today.
  4. Be honest.