Does Greece have poisonous snakes?

The Ohia snake is the only venomous snake you will find in Greece, but they are fairly common. … Having said that, the Ohia snakes are not particularly aggressive and have only been known to attack humans when they feel threatened.

How many poisonous snakes are there in Greece?

They must be more common in Greece than England as I have never seen a snake in 45 years of living in England. 2. Re: Not to be a contrarian but have you ever had unpleasant… There are a lot of snake species in Greece, but only one is poisonous: the adder.

What countries have no poisonous snakes?

Which places in the world have no snakes?

  • Ireland.
  • Iceland.
  • New Zealand.
  • Cape Verde.
  • Many small Pacific island nations: Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, and the Marshall Islands.

Are there deadly scorpions in Greece?

There are scorpions throughout Greece, including Athens. … Generally, scorpion stings are only life-threatening for those who are highly allergic. If you are stung by a scorpion: Don’t panic.

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What is the biggest snake in Greece?

Few fossil vertebrae of this species was found in Thessaloniki, Greece. It reached a total length of 3–4 m (10–13 ft), making this perhaps the largest viper discovered yet.


Laophis Temporal range:
Scientific classification
Species: †L. crotaloides
Binomial name
†Laophis crotaloides (Owen, 1857)

What poisonous animals live in Greece?

6 Venomous & Dangerous Snakes That You Can Find in Greece

  • Macrovipera Schweizeri or Milos Viper.
  • Montivipera Xanthina or Ottoman Viper.
  • Vipera Ammodytes or Nose Horned Viper.
  • Vipera Berus or Common European Adder.
  • Vipera Ursinii or Meadow Viper.
  • Malpolon Insignitus or Eastern Montpellier Snake.
  • Summary.

Are there crocodiles in Greece?

With crocodiles being a rather rare sight in Greece, Mr. Mamagakis believes that the crocodile may have been kept as a pet at a home or by a visiting zoo and was subsequently abandoned.

Which country has most snakes?

Total number of reptile species, by country

Country / region Reptiles Rank
Australia 1,078 1
Mexico 957 2
Brazil 814 3
Indonesia 755 4

Which country has the most poisonous snakes?

Even more impressive, Australia is home to 20 of the 25 most venomous snakes in the world, including all of the top 11. The world’s most venomous snake, the inland taipan is found nowhere else on Earth. It is also called the fierce snake, and carries enough venom in a single bite to kill around 250,000 mice.

Does Sweden have snakes?

The adder (Vipera verus) is the only naturally occurring poisonous snake in Sweden. During one year, 136 patients were hospitalized due to adder bites in a population of 5.3 mill. (63% of the total population).

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Are there scary bugs in Greece?

Yes, there is still an abundance of creepy-crawlies in Greece, and that includes spiders, but they mostly reside in Greece’s expansive forests and wooded areas. And, luckily, none of their spiders are venomous or dangerous to humans.

Are there sea snakes in Greece?

Elaphe situla or Zamenis situla) is the most beautiful species of snake in Greece, with characteristic orange-red markings on its back. … Natrix tessellata) is a kind of water snake, which occurs frequently in the permanent wetlands, the sea shores and rock pools of Crete.

Are there sharks in Greek waters?

However, those who are scared of sharks — and fans of swimming in Greece’s stunning waters — will be glad to know that most sharks in the Mediterranean Sea are harmless and sightings are quite rare. … Those sharks seen in the Aegean sea are usually from species such as dogfish, basking sharks, and thresher sharks.

Are there snakes in Corfu?

At Corfu you can find approximately a dozen of snake species. … There are some rules when you want to meet the snakes of Corfu. First of all, realize that they are wild animals, unsociable. Most of them are not venomous, so not really dangerous.

Are there snakes in Santorini?

Locals say that Sanotrini has venomous snakes, but I just received an update from, that in fact there are only two snakes on Santorini, the Leopard Snake (Zamenis situla) and the Cat Snake (Telescopus fallax). … Thus, it’s a complete harmless snake.

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Are there snakes in Rhodes Greece?

Rhodes (Ródos) city, on the northern tip of the island, is the largest city of the South Aegean periféreia. … In antiquity the island was infested with snakes, and the name may derive from erod, Phoenician for “snake.” Farmers still wear leather boots for protection from a surviving poisonous species.