How many mountains are in Crete?

They are the heart, lungs and indeed soul of Crete really and, with five mountain ranges on this one island, they certainly have the most exquisite breathing spaces here. The mountain ranges from west to east are the White Mountains, the Idi Range, Mount Kedros, the Dikti Range and Mount Thripti.

Does Crete have mountains?

Land. Crete is dominated by harsh mountains rising out of the sea. The island’s east-west mountainous range consists of four main groups that rise to the island’s highest point, Ídi mountain, 8,058 feet (2,456 metres) in elevation.

What mountains can you see from Crete?

There are several more important mountains in Crete: the Asterousia range, the southernmost range in Greece; Mount Yiouchtas, the sacred mountain of the Minoans; Mount Kedros by Spili, the rugged mountain of the 100 springs; the Talean range, the towering mountain where the mythical robot Talos stopped to rest; Mount …

How many mountains does Greece have?

Greece contains 4,144 named mountains, the highest and most prominent of which is Mytikas on Mount Olympus (Όλυμπος) at 2,918m (9,573ft) and Mount Ida/Psiloritis (Ἴδα/Ψηλορείτης) at 2,456m (8,058ft).

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How high is the highest mountain in Crete?

2 456 м
Ида/Высота над уровнем моря
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