Quick Answer: What does Kaka mean in Bulgarian?

What is Kaka in Bulgarian?

E.g. addressing your older sister without “kako” – the vocative of “kaka” – means you are either mad at her, or not a native Bulgarian This is the norm when addressing somebody older or up the family tree; not so when addressing one’s own children, nephews etc.

What is to Kaka in English?

: an olive-brown New Zealand parrot (Nestor meridionalis) with gray and red markings.

What do Bulgarians call their grandma?

Баба (bába) – grandmother.

What do Bulgarians call their grandparents?

Family words in Bulgarian (Български)

Bulgarian (Български)
grandfather дядо (djado)
grandmother баба (baba)
grandchildren внуци (vnuci)
grandson внук (vnuk)

Is Kaka a bad word?

Caca is a baby talk or slang way of saying poop. Since talking about feces (poop) is often seen as taboo (prohibited as improper), there are a lot of euphemisms (mild substitutes) for it. Caca is often used by young children, especially because it is easy to say.

What is Kaka Spanish?

kaka Noun Plural: kakas. Translate “kaka” to Spanish: caca, excremento. English Synonyms of “kaka”: excrement, ca-ca, caca, poop, stools, buffalo chips, business, cowflop, doo-doo, poo, pooh. Define meaning of “kaka”: Waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body.

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What Kaka means in Japanese?

PreviousNext. KAKA All You Can Eat. Ka (か) in Japanese has many meaning and we took aroma (香) & flower (花) to represent our business. That is to say, KaKa means the scent of flower!!

What does Yia Yia mean?

The most commonly used Greek term for grandmother is yia-yia, sometimes rendered as ya-ya. … Learn the Greek word for grandfather.

In what language does Yaya mean Grandma?

Greece: Maybe because it just sounds joyful, the Greek YaYa is a popular grandmother nickname. It’s sometimes hyphenated and sometimes rendered as YiaYia.

Does Baba mean Grandma?

(esp. among people of East European ancestry) A grandmother.