What is the Greek rude finger?

A mountza or moutza (Greek: μούντζα or μούτζα [ˈmud͡za]) also called faskeloma (Greek: φασκέλωμα [faˈsceloma]) is the most traditional gesture of insult among Greeks. … The closer the gesture is to the other person’s face the more threatening it is considered.

What’s the middle finger in Greece?

In Greek the gesture was known as the katapygon (κατάπυγον, from kata – κατά, “downwards” and pugē – πυγή, “rump, buttocks”). In ancient Greek comedy, the finger was a gesture of insult toward another person, with the term katapugon also referring to “a male who submits to anal penetration” or katapygaina to a female.

Why is a thumbs up bad in Greece?

Thumbs up

In many areas of the world a thumbs up signal is interpreted as meaning “Okay” or “I agree.” However, in Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, South America, the Middle East and parts of Italy and Greece it is an obscene insult meaning “sit on it” which is their equivalent to holding a middle finger up.

How do you insult a Greek?

How to piss off a Greek

  1. Be super picky about food. …
  2. Take Germany’s side on… …
  3. Show you don’t understand the difference between modern and ancient Greece. …
  4. Say you hate Athens after spending a total of 24 hours in tourist traps there. …
  5. Display zero ability to handle your liquor. …
  6. Call us lazy. …
  7. Say we deserved the crisis.
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What does it mean when you put your thumb between your index and middle finger?

The gesture uses a thumb wedged in between two fingers. This gesture is most commonly used to ward off the evil eye, insult someone, or deny a request.

Is thumbs up rude in Greece?

While this is a positive gesture in the US, for some Greeks, it’s quite offensive. Giving the thumbs up to somebody in Greece is equivalent to giving the middle finger to an American.

What country is thumbs up offensive?

The thumbs-up gesture is a sign of approval in most countries. However, in several countries in West Africa and the Middle East, including Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the gesture has the connotation of “up yours!” It’s used the same way the middle finger is in the US.

Why is the Moutza such a rude gesture in Greece?

Because cinder was wiped on the person’s face first by collecting it in the palm and then by extending open the fingers, the gesture itself became insulting, to be known as mountza, after the name of the material applied.

Is waving offensive in Greece?

Yes, this is a unique Greek gesture and is quite rude and offensive. And yes, you can detect it in many aspects of everyday life in Greece. It’s done by extending the hand with the palm facing forward and the fingers stretched and apart from each other.

What does Ella in Greek mean?

Origin. Word/name. Greek, Norman, Hebrew. Meaning. beautiful, fairy Maiden, Goddess.

What are some ancient Greek curse words?

11 Classy Insults With Classical Greek and Latin Roots

  • Pediculous. Lice-infested. …
  • Xanthodontous. Yellow-toothed. …
  • Ructabunde. Gasbag. …
  • Flagitious. Thoroughly wicked, villainous. …
  • Quisquilian. Worthless, consisting of trash. …
  • Fissilingual. Fork-tongued. …
  • Quidnunc. Busybody, gossip-monger. …
  • Excerebrose. Brainless.
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What do you call a Greek person?

It may surprise you that Greeks don’t call themselves “Greek”. Instead Greeks refer to themselves as “Έλληνες”— Hellenes. … In English, however, both “Greek” and “Hellenic” are used. When most English speakers say “Greek” today, they mean the people and culture associated with the modern nation-state of Greece.

What does pinky finger mean in Japan?

Another colorful Japanese gesture is the raising of your pinkie finger to indicate another man’s wife, girlfriend or mistress — or possibly all three, depending on the man. (Note: When yakuza raise their pinkie finger, the gesture means roughly the same, except that the woman has been decapitated.