What wine do Greek people drink?

2 – Greek wine is unique. Yes, some common varietals are used like Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah but these are often blended with the local varieties like Assyrtiko, Vidiano, Moschofilero and Savatiano in whites and Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Kotsifali and Avgoustiatis in reds… just to name a few.

What wine do the Greeks drink?

Top 5 Greek Wines

  3. NAOUSSA XINOMAVRO. Greece’s world-class grape. …
  4. NEMEA AGIORGITIKO. An indigenous Greek version of Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon. …
  5. PELOPONNESE MOSCHOFILERO. If you like good-quality Pinot Grigio, this local Greek grape’s for you. …

What drinks do Greek people drink?

The 5 drinks you must try in Greece

  • Frappe. The cold refreshing drink is everywhere – you will find it at every beach bar, cafe or bakery. …
  • Greek Beer. Being in Greece and not trying the mythical Mythos beer is a pity. …
  • Retsina. …
  • Ouzo. …
  • Mastiha Liqueur.

Whats the most popular drink in Greece?

Ouzo. Ouzo is the national drink of Greece and undeniably one of the most famous Greek drinks.

Is there Greek wine?

With such a diverse climate, you can expect Greek wines to be quite varied as well. So, one of the best ways to wrap your head around Greek wine is to split the country up into four overarching wine zones based on their climates.

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What is Greek wine called?

Naoussa, located on the slopes of Mount Vermion, was one of the first AOC regions to be registered in Greece and produces delicious, full-bodied red wines made from the native grape, Xinomavro. Ouzo is a clear, 80-proof alcoholic beverage that is flavored with anise and drunk widely throughout Greece.

What is Greek liquor?

Ouzo (Greek: ούζο, IPA: [ˈuzo]) is a dry anise-flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece. It is made from rectified spirits that have undergone a process of distillation and flavoring. Its taste is similar to other anise liquors like rakı, arak, pastis, and sambuca.

What is the Greek alcohol?

Ouzo is considered the national drink of Greece. In technical terms, it is either produced by partial distillation or the admixture of plain alcohol with aromatic herbs.

What is traditional Greek drink?

Ouzo is one of the best-known Greek specialties whose large-scale production started in 1830. It is distilled from neutral alcohol that is diluted with water and flavored with a combination of aniseed and various botanicals, such as fennel seeds, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, or angelica.

What is Greek beer?

Mythos Beer: It is the most well-known Greek beer brand, an original lager with many awards and honours. You can easily find Mythos around Greece, from supermarkets to even restaurants and bars.

What is Greek white wine?

About Greek White. Greek white wine is produced from both indigenous and international grape varieties. The most significant indigenous Greek white wine-grape varieties are Assyrtiko, Debina, Moschofilero, Roditis, Savatiano and Vilana.

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