Where did the phrase it’s Greek to me come from?

It appears in 1599 in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, as spoken by Servilius Casca to Cassius after a festival in which Caesar was offered a crown: CASSIUS: Did Cicero say any thing? CASCA: Ay, he spoke Greek. … Shakespeare was not the only author to use the expression.

Where does the saying it’s Greek to me come from?

In Julius Caesar, the Roman character Casca describes a speech made by Cicero, a scholar of Greek. * Casca, one of the conspirators who assassinates Caesar, does not speak Greek. So he says, “Those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads; but, for mine own part, it was Greek to me.”

Who made the well known statement it was Greek to me?

There are lots of famous quotes in Julius Caesar, including ‘It was Greek to me’, which is often misquoted today as ‘It was all Greek to me’ (Act 1, Scene 2) , meaning ‘I didn’t understand it’.

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What is the meaning of Greek to me?

a way of saying that you do not understand something that is said or written. Difficult to understand.

What does the quote But for my own part it was Greek to me mean?

Casca says Cicero did speak, but Casca couldn’t understand it because he was speaking Greek. Casca, not an orator himself, doesn’t know Greek. Hence the phrase, “It was Greek to me.” Casca means that everything sounds the same in a foreign language, because it is all foreign and unintelligible.

Is it offensive to say it’s all Greek to me?

Although to some it may seem an insult, the metaphor simply refers to the Greek language (either ancient or modern) as typifying foreign communication, written or spoken, and may be a dead metaphor, one that has lost its original understood meaning.

What is she blew her top?

to become very angry. When her flight was cancelled she blew her top.

What is Caesar’s most famous quote?

Important Quotes From ‘Julius Caesar’

  • “Cowards die many times before their deaths; …
  • “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; …
  • “But, for mine own part, it was Greek to me.” …
  • “Et tu, Brute?” …
  • “I was born free as Caesar. …
  • “You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things, …
  • “Would he were fatter!

What did Caesar say when he died?

Another Shakespearean invention was Caesar’s last words, “Et tu, Brute?,” meaning “You too, Brutus?” in Latin. Suetonius recorded his final words as the Greek “Kai su, teknon?” or “You too, my child?” However, Plutarch says that Caesar said nothing, pulling his toga over his head to cover his head as he died.

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What is the meaning of Et tu Brute?

Definition of et tu Brute

: and you (too), Brutus —exclamation on seeing his friend Brutus among his assassins.

What does the phrase met his Waterloo mean?

Definition of meet one’s Waterloo

: to be defeated The governor finally met his Waterloo in the last election.

What did Roosevelt mean by the phrase I shall see to it that every man has a square deal no less and no more?

“I stand for the square deal,” said Roosevelt in his 1910 speech known as “The New Nationalism.” “When I say that I am for a square deal, I mean not merely that I stand for fair play under the present rules of the game, but that I stand for having those rules changed so as to work for a more substantial equality of …

What is tickled pink?

Definition of tickled pink

informal. : very happy or amused I was tickled pink to see her.

WHO SAID heart of gold?

Where does heart of gold come from? The phrase heart of gold has been used since at least the 1500s. The phrase is thought to have been popularized through its use in William Shakespeare’s play Henry V, which was written around 1599.

What is the meaning of I don’t know it sounds all Greek to me actually?

If someone says “it’s all Greek to me,” they mean something is difficult to understand due to its complexity. Example: My teacher was explaining a complicated math problem to the classroom, but I didn’t get it; it was all Greek to me. (In other words, this student did not grasp what was being said.)

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What are Greek men like?

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