Why didnt Athens defend itself against Macedon?

Why did the Greeks underestimate the Macedonia?

300s BC was from Macedonia, a kingdom just north of Greece. The Greeks had long dismissed the Macedonians as unimportant. They thought of the Macedonians as barbarians because they lived in small villages and spoke a strange form of the Greek language. But the Greeks underestimated the Macedonians, barbarians or not.

Why was Macedonia able to conquer Athens and Sparta?

Macedonia was able to conquer Athens and Sparta because they had been weakened by constant war. Macedonia was able to conquer Athens and Sparta because they had a direct democracy.

Why did Athens and Sparta not fight for a while?

After the Persian War, Athens and Sparta had agreed to a Thirty Year Peace. They didn’t want to fight each other while they were trying to recover from the Persian War. During this time, Athens became powerful and wealthy and the Athenian empire grew under the leadership of Pericles.

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What did the Athenians think of Macedonia?

The Greeks treated the Macedonians as foreigners (“barbarians”) whose native language was Macedonian, not Greek. Macedonia was never a region of Greece.

How did the Macedonians and Greeks conquer the Persian Empire?

Backed by his shiny new army, Philip marched south in 338 B.C. and defeated an all-star alliance of Athens and Thebes at the Battle of Chaeronea. … With the Greek mainland subdued under Macedonian rule, Philip turned his well-oiled army East toward the Persian Empire, a far greater prize.

When did Macedonia conquer Athens?

Battle of Chaeronea, (August 338 bce), battle in Boeotia, central Greece, in which Philip II of Macedonia defeated a coalition of Greek city-states led by Thebes and Athens.

How did Macedonia conquer Greece?

In 368 BCE Philip II and Alexander III defeated the combined forces of Athens and Thebes at the Battle of Chaeronea and afterwards formed the Pan-Hellenic Congress with himself as its head. He had effectively conquered the Greek city-states and brought them under Macedonian control.

What Macedonian king conquered almost all of Greece?

Although king of ancient Macedonia for less than 13 years, Alexander the Great changed the course of history. One of the world’s greatest military generals, he created a vast empire that stretched from Macedonia to Egypt and from Greece to part of India. This allowed for Hellenistic culture to become widespread.

Why was Greece so easily conquered by Macedonia quizlet?

why was Greece so easily conquered by Macedonia? Greece was easily conquered by Macedonia because the city-states had grown weak and were unable to cooperate with each other in time to make a formidable opponent to the invaders.

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What caused the weakening of the Greek city-states before the Macedonian invasion?

The Peloponnesian War severely weakened several Greek city-states. This caused a rapid decline in their military and economic power. In the nearby kingdom of Macedonia, King Philip II took note. … In 359 B.C., Philip II became king of Macedonia.

How did Macedonia become powerful?

Alexander The Great

Scholars have attributed Alexander’s diplomatic skills and habit of carrying books with him on his military campaigns to Aristotle’s influence. … In one long military campaign that lasted 11 years, he conquered the Persian Empire, making Macedonia the largest, most powerful empire in the world.

Who won Sparta or Athens?

Athens was forced to surrender, and Sparta won the Peloponnesian War in 404 BC. Spartans terms were lenient. First, the democracy was replaced by on oligarchy of thirty Athenians, friendly to Sparta. The Delian League was shut down, and Athens was reduced to a limit of ten triremes.

Why did Athens lose to Sparta?

Under the Spartan general Lysander, the war raged for another decade. By in 405 B.C. Lysander decimated the Athenian fleet in battle and then held Athens under siege, forcing it to surrender to Sparta in 404 B.C.

Did Sparta and Athens fight?

The Peloponnesian War was a war fought in ancient Greece between Athens and Sparta—the two most powerful city-states in ancient Greece at the time (431 to 405 B.C.E.). This war shifted power from Athens to Sparta, making Sparta the most powerful city-state in the region. … This eventually drew Sparta into the conflict.

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