Your question: What was the biggest difference between government in ancient Athens and in ancient?

What was the biggest difference between government in ancient Athens and in ancient Rome? Athens allowed all citizens to vote, while Rome was a republic. … Each city-state had its own form of government.

What were the main differences between ancient Athens government structure and Sparta’s?

The main difference between Athens and Sparta is that Athens was a form of democracy, whereas Sparta was a form of oligarchy. Athens and Sparta are two prominent Greek rival city-states.

How did the governments of Athens and Rome differ?

While Athens wanted other city to continue to be independent and pay money to then, the Romans had an inclusive policy which made the other Latin people Citizens of Rome so that the can have all right and privilege like normal Romans except for the right to vote.

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How is government in the United States today different from government in ancient Athens *?

Citizens are allowed to vote in both states, and both also have a bicameral legislature. The difference is that the United States are a republic whereas the Athenian state was a city-state meaning that they didn’t have a vast land and representatives to represent various parts of the land and people from that area.

What was the government like in ancient Athens?

Those who choose Athens often argue that it was the best city in ancient Greece because it had amazing art and culture. These people fail to remember, though, that Athens would never have survived to have all of that amazing art without the Spartans.

What type of government was Athens?

Both old governments were established with the intent to give most of the power to the people. The power to vote for leaders, and important issues to be settled in a calm and civilized manner. … Athenian and Roman Government shaped our government today, with other European influences.

What was an important difference between the political systems of the Romans and Greeks group of answer choices?

What was an important difference between the political systems of the Romans and Greeks? Greeks endured civil war, while Romans did not. Rome had written laws, while no Greek city-states did. Rome extended citizenship to its conquered peoples, while the Greeks did not.

How was the government of the Roman Republic different than the governments of Greek city states?

Unlike Greece, Rome did not have city states, especially any that ruled however they wished. Rome started the new government called the republic. The republic consisted of many people with power, because they didn’t want one person to have all the power. They had a senate in which the consuls/patricians were in charge.

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What is the main difference between the United States government and the government of ancient Greece?

They both allow men to vote. One difference is that US has a representative democracy and Athens has a direct democracy. In Athens only men that owned property are allowed to vote. In the US any citizen over the age of 18 can vote.

What is the difference between the US Congress and the assembly of ancient Athens?

What is a difference between the US Congress and the Assembly of ancient Athens? The Assembly used a system of voting to pass laws. The Assembly had the power to pass and enforce laws. Congress allows noncitizen participation in government.

What is the difference between Greek government and the US system of government?

2 Direct vs.

Ancient Greek government featured a direct representational structure. This meant that all eligible voters had input in many of the decisions that were made in contrast to the American republic style of government in which voters election politicians who cast votes on the issues at hand on their behalf.

What type of government did ancient Sparta have?

In the city-state of Sparta, an oligarchy controlled the power. The citizens had little say in the decisions made by the government but, at the time, this was the structure that existed. The Spartans gave up an emphasis on comfort and culture for a more disciplined military approach.

How did the government of ancient Athens change over time?

Over time some city-states, like Athens would change governments. Sometimes they were ruled by Tyrants and, at other times, they were a democracy. Democracy in Ancient Greece was very direct. What this means is that all the citizens voted on all the laws.

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