Frequent question: Does it rain in November in Greece?

In Athens, Greece, during November, the rain falls for 9.6 days and regularly aggregates up to 40mm (1.57″) of precipitation. Throughout the year, there are 98.9 rainfall days, and 348mm (13.7″) of precipitation is accumulated.

What month does it rain the most in Greece?

Winters are mild and often wet, and summers are sunny with very little rainfall. Most of the island’s rain occurs during the winter months, from October through March.

Is November a good month for Greece?

The best time to visit Greece is between end April to early November, when there is an abundance of sunshine and meager rainfall. … Yes, Greece remains cold during November. Mist restaurants, shops, etc. remain closed all through the winter months.

What is the weather in Greece in November?

The temperatures average about 59°F (15°C) with highs of 64°F (18°C ) and lows of 54°F (12°C). At nighttime, the colder air rolls in so it’s important to bring a warm jacket and other cold-weather gear. In terms of rainfall, the month gets eight about days of precipitation on average.

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Where is hot in November?

The most popular destinations in November

Hot favourites in November
Canary Islands 22°C 7 hrs
Cyprus 20°C 7 hrs
Malta 21°C 7 hrs
Morocco 23°C 9 hrs

What is Greece like in winter?

Winter in Greece is generally mild, with temperatures averaging at around 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. However, as you move more to the north, the temperature drops, and in regions such as Epirus and Macedonia or Thrace temperatures regularly drop below zero and can, on rare occasions, go as low as -20 degrees Celsius!

What is the warmest Greek island in November?

Kos. Kos is one of the most southerly Greek islands, close to the Aegean coast of Turkey, and is among the warmest in November. It’s won’t be hot, but six hours of daily sunshine will feel wonderful, and sea temperature is 20ºC.

Is Santorini cold in November?

(Average Max Temperature: 22°C. Average Rainfall: 18mm.) Santorini in November (40% Crowded): The cool and cloudy days of winter arrive in November. Early November can still get warm days when a visit to the beach could be possible.

Are restaurants open in Greece in November?

They don’t close for the winter. Life just changes. People spend more time indoors, but the restaurants and cafes, bars and clubs are still open and on warm sunny days people still sit outside to eat and drink, at least in the day.

Is Greece still hot in November?

It is possible to find warm temperatures in some Greek islands in November. … Average high temperatures are 32°C with up to 10 hours of sunshine per day. And if that doesn’t warm your heart, you will also love the sandy beaches, low prices and friendly people.

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Is Greece still warm in November?

No, it’s not yet too cold for Greece. Expect a mix of mild to warm sunny days and plenty of rain mixed in. The weather may be less than ideal, but crowds are gone, prices are low, and you can experience the best of Greece like a local.

Is November a good time to visit Amalfi Coast?

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is in May or September. It’s at its most enjoyable during these months — expect beautiful weather and lots of activities, without the summer crowds. Temperatures normally sit around 68°F to 77°F. The Amalfi Coast is less busy from November to March.

Is Greece hot in October?

Is it still warm in Greece in October? Greece is still warm in October, with day time temperatures in the mid 20s. The evenings can get a little chillier, but it is still pleasant enough to sit outside and enjoy an evening meal if wearing a light top.

What is the weather like in the Mediterranean in November?

If you’re sailing in November, you’re at the very end of the Mediterranean cruising season. While you certainly won’t run into hot, uncomfortable weather, it’s possible you’ll see an occasional shower and cooler temperatures. … “There’s no guarantee on weather and sea conditions,” Brown says.

Is Cyprus still hot in November?

Cyprus weather November

It has warm weather in November because it’s so close to southwest Asia. You can look forward to lots of winter sun if you book Cyprus holidays at this time, though there’s a bit more rain than over summer. The Mediterranean Sea will keep you cool with breezes and westerly winds.

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