How do you order a Greek frappe?

For ordering frappes in Greece, you will need to say if you want it with or without milk… What is this? Aaand of course, it’s polite to say hello/goodbye (yassas) and thank you (efharisto).

What is a frappe in Greece?

Greek frappe coffee is an iced coffee made using instant coffee (Nescafe) and water, that has been shaken to produce a foamy, and refreshing drink. You can add ice cubes after beating the coffee and also sugar and milk, according to preference.

How do you order black coffee in Greece?

Ordering coffee in Greece is really easy. The simplest phrase to say would be: A coffee, please: “Έναν καφέ, παρακαλώ” But the difficulty is rather which coffee to order!

How do you order in Greece?

Ordering Food in the Greek Language

  1. Να παραγγείλω; Na parageelo; Can I order? – Use this phrase when you want to get their attention so that you can order your food. …
  2. Θα ήθελα – Tha ithela – I would like – Use this phrase to say what you would like to order on the menu.
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What does Metrio mean in Greek?

Greek Coffee Nomenclature

Metrios (Medium): This is probably the most popular way of drinking Greek coffee. Not too bitter, not too sweet – metrios is a coffee where one teaspoon of sugar has been added before boiling the coffee. Glikos (Sweet): No bitterness in this one.

How do you order iced coffee in Greece?

Greek iced coffee

To get a cold espresso or cappuccino in Greece, say “freddo” first (IE- Freddo espresso). For frappes, Nescafes, and Elleniko kafe, whether it is hot or cold is given.

Whats the difference between iced coffee and a Frappe?

A Frappe is simply a iced coffee drink, originally made with Nescafe Instant Coffee, with just water, ice and sugar added. The main differences between a Frappe, Iced latte and a Frappuccino is their origin, the type of coffee used, the kind of milk and the added sweeteners.

What is Greek coffee called in Greece?

The Ibrik Or “Greek” Coffee

It is finely ground coffee made and served from a “briki”, also known as an “ibrik” (a small brass pot with a long handle).

What is double Greek coffee?

Service. Greek coffee is typically served with a glass of cold water, much like the traditional coffee served in Czech coffee houses. It is also sometimes served with sweets such as cookies. Though it is traditionally served black, some young people prefer to order a “double” Greek coffee and add milk to taste.

What is a Greek coffee called?

In Greek, this is called glykos or γλυκός and pronounced ghlee-KOHSS. For extra-strong sweet coffee, add 3 teaspoons of sugar and 2 heaping teaspoons of coffee to the briki and stir. In Greek, this is called vary glykos (βαρύ γλυκός), pronounced vah-REE ghlee-KOHSS.

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How do you order a gyro in Greece?

First of all, it’s pronounced /yeeros/, repeat after me, “yeeeros”- step one complete. Upon ordering, you should specify whether you want it “ap’ola” or not. “Ap’ola” means special, basically with all the ingredients that a gyro normally comes stuffed with; tzatziki, onion, tomatoes, fries and pork meat.

How do you ask for a menu in Greek?

If you need to ask for a menu, this is typically what you’d say: Μου φέρνετε / Μας φέρνετε έναν κατάλογο, παρακαλώ; Mou fernete/ mas fernete enan katalogo, parakolo?

How much money do I need to go to Greece?

Total Greece Trip Budget

Category Cost
Airfare $4,300
Accommodations $6,000
Transportation $1,000
Food $1,440

How do you say yes in Greek?

The Greek word for YES is ναι (pronounced née). You can hear it pronounced here. The Greek word for NO is όχι (pronounced oh-hee).

How do you say cappuccino in Greek?

If you want cold espresso or cappuccino you can add the word φρέντο (freddo, cold) before the words espresso and cappuccino: A cold cappuccino: Ένα φρέντο καπουτσίνο (ena freddo cappuccino,).