How much does it cost to take a ferry from Athens to Crete?

The Athens – Crete ferry price ranges from €23 to €160 for single one-way tickets. Economy tickets start at €29 for the ferry from Athens to Heraklion, €38 for the trip from Piraeus to Chania, €44 for the crossing to Sitia and €23 for the journey to Kissamos. The ticket price for high-speed ferries is normally higher.

How much is ferry from Athens to Crete?

The ferry trip from Athens to Crete lasts for 7 to 12 hours, depending on the ferry and a ferry ticket from Athens to Crete costs about 30 for a standard seat and 160 euros for a bed cabin. The ferry companies that connect Athens with Crete are Minoan Lines and Anek Lines.

How long does ferry take from Athens to Crete?

How long is the ferry ride from Athens to Crete? When traveling with standard vessels, it usually takes 8.5 to 17 hours to reach the ports of Crete from Athens. But no worries if you’re short on time! There is also a high-speed ferry from Athens to Crete that takes you to the beautiful island of Greece in no time!

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Is there an overnight ferry from Athens to Crete?

There is at least one ferry from Athens to Heraklion everyday all year round. During the summer months, there are up to 4 ferry crossings per day in this route. … The majority of the ferries from Piraeus to Heraklion are overnight. Read more travel information on how to reach Crete this summer on our blog.

Can you take a boat to Crete?

Crete is well-connected by ferry from Athens. Most Crete ferries depart from the port of Piraeus and travel directly to Heraklion, Chania and Sitia. During the summer, there are enhanced ferry schedules to Crete ferry ports, occasionally departing from the port of Rafina as well.

Can you take a boat from Athens to Crete?

You can travel from Athens to Crete by ferry throughout the year. Ferries from the port of Piraeus travel directly to the ports of Heraklion, Chania, Sitia and Kissamos. The fastest ferry ride to Crete takes around 6.5 hours with high-speed ferry. Read our ferry guide with the latest information for this route.

Can you do a day trip to Athens from Crete?

Can You Go On A Day Trip To Crete From Athens? Technically, yes. In theory, it is possible to fly from Athens to Crete in the morning and back to Athens in the evening.

How do you get from Crete to Greece?

Traveling to Crete from Athens is easily feasible, either by plane or by ferry. The 3 airports of Crete, in Heraklion, Chania and Sitia are connected to the Athens International Airport with direct flights, all year long.

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Is Crete expensive to visit?

How much money will you need for your trip to Crete? You should plan to spend around €81 ($92) per day on your vacation in Crete, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, €28 ($31) on meals for one day and €19 ($21) on local transportation.

How do I get from Athens to Corfu by ferry?

There is no ferry connecting Athens and Corfu.

The duration of the trip is approximately 1h30 and there are available itineraries every 1-2 hours, which start early in the morning and end around midnight. Moreover, Corfu is reachable by ferry from Italy, particularly from the ports of Venice, Bari, and Ancona.

How long is ferry from Athens to Naxos?

The duration of the ferry trip from Piraeus (Athens) to Naxos ranges from about 3-6 hours, while the trip Rafina – Naxos lasts from about 3-7 hours, depending on the ferry.

How long is ferry from Crete to Santorini?

How long is the ferry ride from Heraklion to Santorini? The Heraklion – Santorini ferry ride lasts between 2 hr and 6 hr depending on the type of ferry (standard or fast).

How long is ferry from Athens to Santorini?

How long is the ferry ride from Athens (Piraeus) to Santorini? The Athens to Santorini ferry time is usually 4 to 10 hours. The duration of the trip to Santorini depends mainly on the type of vessel and the ferry company that serves this crossing.

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Is there a car ferry from Greece to Crete?

The ferry trip from Piraeus to Chania in Crete lasts from 6-8 hours, depending on the vessel. The ferry trip from Piraeus to Heraklion in Crete lasts about 8 hours. There are both day and overnight ferries to Crete.

What ferries go to Crete?

Routes and Ports in Crete

  • Anafi to Heraklion Ferry. 4 hr 10 min.
  • Anafi to Sitia Ferry. 8 hr 25 min.
  • Ios to Heraklion Ferry. 6 Sailings Weekly. …
  • Milos to Heraklion Ferry. 4 hr. …
  • Milos to Chania Ferry. 3 Sailings Weekly. …
  • Milos to Sitia Ferry. 15 hr 25 min.
  • Mykonos to Heraklion Ferry. 3 Sailings Weekly. …
  • Naxos to Heraklion Ferry.

How long is ferry from Crete to Rhodes?

How long is the ferry ride from Heraklion (Crete) to Rhodes? The ferry trip from Heraklion to Rhodes takes about 14-15 hours and we suggest you book a cabin for a more comfortable trip.