Is Crete in the Dodecanese?

Information about the Geography of Dodecanese islands, in Greece: the Dodecanese is an island complex in the south-eastern Aegean Sea between Samos island, Cyclades islands, Crete island and the coasts of Minor Asia. The Dodecanese comprises of 18 large and smaller islands and many islets.

Is Crete part of the Dodecanese?

This island group generally defines the eastern limit of the Sea of Crete. They belong to the wider Southern Sporades island group. Rhodes has been the area’s dominant island since antiquity.


Dodecanese Δωδεκάνησα
Area rank 18th
Population (2005)
• Total 200,452
• Rank 12th

Where are the Dodecanese islands?

Dodecanese, Modern Greek Dodekánisa, group of islands in the Aegean Sea, off the southwestern coast of Turkey in southeastern Greece.

Is Crete in the Aegean Sea?

The Sea of Crete (Greek: Κρητικό Πέλαγος, Kritiko Pelagos), or Cretan Sea, is a sea, part of the Aegean Sea, located in its southern extremity, with a total surface area of 45,000 km2 (17,000 sq mi). … Just off the coastline of Northeastern Crete the sea reaches a maximum depth of near 3,294 m (10,000 ft).

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What group of islands is Crete in?

The largest Greek island by area is Crete, located at the southern edge of the Aegean Sea. The second largest island is Euboea or Evvia, which is separated from the mainland by the 60m-wide Euripus Strait, and is administered as part of the Central Greece region.

Is Crete a part of Greece?

Crete, Greece. Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the largest of the islands forming part of modern Greece.

When did Dodecanese become part of Greece?

Although the Italians made many public works, including ports, official buildings, and even restored the Medieval Town of Rhodes, the locals were always fighting for their independence. Finally, in 1947 with the Treaty of Paris, the Dodecanese islands became officially part of Greece.

Which Dodecanese islands to visit?

The most popular islands of Dodecanese Greece are Rhodes and Kos, while Karpathos, Astypalea, and Symi are also getting famous over the last years. Kalymnos is developing as a rock climbing destination, Leros is a diving destination, while Patmos is famous for its spiritual character.

How did Italy get the Dodecanese islands?

The Kingdom of Italy occupied the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean sea during the Italian-Turkish war of 1911. … With the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, the Dodecanese was formally annexed by Italy, as the Possedimenti Italiani dell’Egeo.

Is Samos a Dodecanese island?

Position of the Dodecanese islands

The Dodecanese or Dodecanisos is the name of the island complex in the south eastern Aegean. They are situated between the islands of Crete, the Cyclades, lkarias, Samos and the Asia Minor seaboard.

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Where is Crete located sea?

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea separating the Aegean from the Libyan Sea.

Where is the Aegean located?

Aegean Sea, Greek Aigaíon Pélagos, Turkish Ege Deniz, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea, located between the Greek peninsula on the west and Asia Minor on the east. About 380 miles (612 km) long and 186 miles (299 km) wide, it has a total area of some 83,000 square miles (215,000 square km).

How many Greek islands are in the Aegean Sea?

One chain extends across the sea to Chios, another extends across Euboea to Samos, and a third extends across the Peloponnese and Crete to Rhodes, dividing the Aegean from the Mediterranean. The Aegean Sea has about 1,415 islands and islets, the majority of which politically belong to Greece.

Is Crete a Cyclades island?

Located in southern Greece, between Athens and Crete, the Cyclades consists of 39 islands, of which 24 are inhabited. With their white and blue houses and churches, their narrow and winding alleys, they really offer the typical Greek postcard scenery.

What do you call someone from Crete?

A citizen of Crete is a Cretan. An idiot from any country would be a ‘cretin. ‘ It is very important that you don’t confuse the two words, especially if you’re in Crete!

Is Crete a party island?

Crete Nightlife Greece. When it comes to Crete’s nightlife scene, there really is something for everyone. The island has earned a reputation as one of Greece’s best party islands, and lively resorts like Malia and Stalis are firm favourites among ravers who want to dance until dawn.

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