Is there an overnight ferry from Athens to Crete?

There is at least one ferry from Athens to Heraklion everyday all year round. … The majority of the ferries from Piraeus to Heraklion are overnight. Read more travel information on how to reach Crete this summer on our blog.

How long is ferry from Athens to Crete?

The ferry crossing duration from Athens (Piraeus) to Crete ranges from 6 hr 30 min to 20 hr. The Athens – Crete ferry travel time depends on the destination and whether you’re traveling with a high-speed or a standard ferry.

Are ferries running from Athens to Crete?

There are ferries from Athens to Crete year-round, with frequency increasing in the summer months. Ferries depart from the port of Piraeus, with routes to the Cretan ports of Chania and Heraklion. The length of the ride varies from 6.5 to 9 hours, with many routes traveling through the night.

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Is there an overnight ferry from Athens to Santorini?

Overnight ferries from Athens to Santorini: Blue Star, Hellenic, and Sea Speed ferries have sleeping cabins for ferries between Athens and Santorini. These are a comfortable way to experience what can be a long 8 or 9-hour ferry ride.

Is there a ferry from Athens to Chania?

There are at least 2 ferries per day by 2 ferry companies traveling from Piraeus to Chania. The ferry companies that usually operate on this route are Anek Lines and Minoan Lines. The route is covered primarily by conventional ferries while in high season there are also high-speed ferries operating on the line.

How much is ferry from Athens to Crete?

The ferry trip from Athens to Crete lasts for 7 to 12 hours, depending on the ferry and a ferry ticket from Athens to Crete costs about 30 for a standard seat and 160 euros for a bed cabin. The ferry companies that connect Athens with Crete are Minoan Lines and Anek Lines.

Is there a ferry from Kalamata to Crete?

There is no direct connection from Kalamata to Crete. However, you can take the drive to Piraeus, take the car ferry to Santorini, then take the car ferry to Heraklion. Alternatively, you can take a vehicle from Kalamata to Heraklion via Athens, Στ. Αγ.

Can you take a boat to Crete?

Crete is well-connected by ferry from Athens. Most Crete ferries depart from the port of Piraeus and travel directly to Heraklion, Chania and Sitia. During the summer, there are enhanced ferry schedules to Crete ferry ports, occasionally departing from the port of Rafina as well.

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How do you get from Crete to Greece?

Traveling to Crete from Athens is easily feasible, either by plane or by ferry. The 3 airports of Crete, in Heraklion, Chania and Sitia are connected to the Athens International Airport with direct flights, all year long.

How long is ferry from Athens to Naxos?

The duration of the ferry trip from Piraeus (Athens) to Naxos ranges from about 3-6 hours, while the trip Rafina – Naxos lasts from about 3-7 hours, depending on the ferry.

Can you sleep on Greek ferries?

Sleeping Cabins on Ferries in Greece. Ferry cabins are a great way to relax on the longer ferry routes between Athens and the Greek islands. Sleeper cabins are found on Blue Star, Hellenic, Sea Speed, and a few other ferry companies. … It does not have to be an overnight ferry to have a sleeping cabin.

How long is ferry from Athens to Mykonos?

How long is the ferry ride from Athens (Piraeus) to Mykonos? The ferry crossing duration from Athens to Mykonos Port ranges from 2 hr 30 min to 5 hr 15 min, depending on whether you’re traveling with a high-speed or standard ferry.

Is it better to fly or take ferry from Athens to Santorini?

It is better to fly to Santorini because the ferry trip takes more than 4 hours and you will be wasting at least half a day in total just to arrive to the island. The flight to Santorini is more expensive than the ferry in general but it’s totally worth it if you are visiting the island just for a few days.

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How long is the ferry ride from Athens to Corfu?

There is no ferry connecting Athens and Corfu.

The duration of the trip is approximately 1h30 and there are available itineraries every 1-2 hours, which start early in the morning and end around midnight. Moreover, Corfu is reachable by ferry from Italy, particularly from the ports of Venice, Bari, and Ancona.

How long does it take to get from Athens to Chania by boat?

Traveling from Chania (Crete) to Athens (port of Piraeus) by ferry. The ferry route Chania – Piraeus can last from 7 hours to 13 hours and the ticket cost starts from 36€.

How long is ferry from Chania to Santorini?

The high-speed ferries take about two hours, while slower ferries take three hours. Economy and business class seats are available for all ferries, as well as the option to bring a vehicle on board. Note that if you do bring a vehicle, your ticket price will increase.