Quick Answer: Where can I get laid in Mykonos?

Is Mykonos good for singles?

Mykonos Tours for Solo / Single Travellers. Say yes to adventure by jumping on a group tour of Mykonos suitable for single travellers. The itineraries will walk you down the streets of Mykonos, and charm you with the vibe of Santorini.

Where is the strip in Mykonos?

There is a strip of seaside bars at the Little Venice area of Mykonos Town. There are more places to party in Mykonos Town than at all the beaches combined.

Are Mykonos rich people?

The Greek island of Mykonos is known as a party capital and is a vacation hot spot for millionaires and billionaires.

Where can I meet people in Mykonos?

A nice spot right in Mykonos Town is the Carbonaki. Options in roughly the same area as Hotel Tagoo include the Porto Mykonos, Mykonos View and Apanema Resort. If you don’t mind walking up / down a hill to get to/from town, check out the Vencia and Hotel Alkyon (fabulous views overlooking the town).

Is Mykonos good for couples?

Its romantic scenery, breathtaking sunsets and enticing beaches, make Mykonos not only an ideal Greek destination for families, but also couples looking to enjoy their time together away from the stress of the city.

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Where in Mykonos is the nightlife?

Most nightlife is in Mykonos town. There is none whatsoever at Elia which, while a gorgeous beach area, has little to offer besides resorts, villas and just a couple of restaurants. (Note that Elia is the most popular beach for gay visitors, and is where you can find extensive nudity.)

Where do celebs stay in Mykonos?

Mykonos Blu.

Elevated, right on the world-famous sandy beach of Psarou, with a private full-service segment of it, 103 blue-accented all-white luxury bungalows, suites, and villas (some of them with private pools and other amenities) stand among the finest examples of exclusive seaside accommodation.

Which area is best to stay in Mykonos?

The best place to stay in Mykonos for partying is Mykonos Town, for families it’s Ornos or Platis Gialos, and for romance and honeymoons stay in Agios Ioannis, Psarou, or Mykonos Town (though pretty much every town is perfect for a honeymoon holiday).

Which celebs are in Mykonos?

World-famous celebrities like Robbie Williams and Nicole Scherzinger have been spotted on the luxurious Greek island of Mykonos. The island has been a staple for celebrities over the years, with its classic white-washed buildings constantly being featured in star-studded instagram posts.

Which is better Santorini or Mykonos?

The scenery, views, sunsets, and natural beauty of Santorini are unrivaled by Mykonos or any other Greek island. Mykonos is not without its beautiful spots but for scenes that are truly jaw-dropping, Santorini wins hands-down. Santorini is more romantic and much better suited to a honeymoon or couples vacation.

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Where do the rich stay in Greece?

After Palaio Psychico, the richest area identified is the northern Athens suburb of Ekali, where 2,883 taxpayers declared annual incomes of 122,879. A distant third is Kolonaki, in the center of the capital, where 1,454 taxpayers declared incomes averaging at 77,419 euros.

Is Mykonos a party island?

The Greek island of Mykonos is known as a party capital and is a vacation hot spot for millionaires and billionaires. Ibiza, Spain, has a reputation as one of the top places to party in the world, with thumping 24-hour clubs, wild pool parties, and gorgeous beaches.

Is Mykonos nightlife good?

Mykonos is the top destination for the active nightlife and crazy throughout Greece: nightlife and fun, main ingredients, able to attract every year many young people from around the world.

Is Mykonos good for solo travel?

Is Mykonos ideal for solo travellers? Yes, it definitely is! Mykonos is an island for all kinds of visitors as it combines the beauty of an Aegean island with history, golden sandy beaches and a nightlife that lasts all night long!