What is a Greek café called?

Cafes in Greece and the Greek Islands is not only just an entertainment place, but it is also a way of living and a big part of daily Greek culture. … In small towns and villages, in the central square, you will find the Greek traditional cafe that is called kafenion.

What do you call a Greek cafe?

A taverna (Greek: ταβέρνα) is a small Greek restaurant that serves Greek cuisine.

What does Psistaria mean?

A psistaria is a grill house where you get spit-roast lamb, steaks, kokoretsi, grilled or rotisserie chicken as well as salads and appetisers. You can even get lambs heads.

What is Mezedes & Orektika?

Meze restaurants are known as mezedopoleío (singular) or mezedopoleía (plural) and serve appetizers known as meze or orektiko (plural mezedes/orektika) to complement beverages. … Meze restaurants are common in Greece, especially Psiri, Athens, and are regarded as the most expensive Greek Restaurant.

What is the meaning of a taverna?

Definition of taverna

: a café in Greece.

What is a Estiatorio meaning?

Filters. A Greek restaurant, especially one that is more upmarket and elaborate than a taverna.

What is kyria Piata?

μεζέδες – mezethes – small plates. ποικιλία – pikilia – means “assortment” and usually has to do with mezethes or appetizers. … κύρια πιάτα – kiria piata – main courses. κρεατικά – kreatika – meat.

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What is Greek Pikilia?

One of the most popular taverna dishes all over Greece is the ποικιλία (pikilia), a variety mix of grilled or fried mezedakia (appetisers). You usually choose between fish or meat, or a mixture of both fish and meat cuts on the same platter.

What is traditional Greek cuisine?

It uses vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, and meat, including pork, poultry, veal and beef, lamb, rabbit, and goat. Other important ingredients include pasta (for example hilopites), cheeses, lemon juice, herbs, olives, and yogurt.

Does Greece have McDonalds?

Greece is one of the few countries where American global food franchise McDonald’s, struggles to capture a respectable share of the market, having only 25 stores throughout the country and a few closures along the way, such as in Athens and the city of Patra to name a few.

What can you not eat in Greece?

*Avoid fried things such as meatballs, small fish, fries-not because they are fried but because many of these restaurants pre-fry these foods and then just warm them up, as a result you will be eating mushy and not crispy food. Also do not order moussaka. I know this will disappoint some people but really it is true.

What do Greeks eat for breakfast?

Today breakfast is much more westernized and Greeks may eat cereal with milk, bread with jam or honey, yogurt with honey. Many Greeks just have coffee and grab something on their way to work or school such as a cheese pie, spinach pie, the popular sesame bagel-style “koulouri” or even a croissant.

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