What is the meaning of the Greek term Hule?

In philosophy, hyle (/ˈhaɪliː/; from Ancient Greek: ὕλη) refers to matter or stuff. … The Greeks originally had no word for matter in general, as opposed to raw material suitable for some specific purpose or other, so Aristotle adapted the word for “wood” to this purpose.

What is the Greek name for intelligence?

Phronesis (Ancient Greek: φρόνησῐς, romanized: phrónēsis), translated into English by terms such as prudence, practical virtue and practical wisdom is an ancient Greek word for a type of wisdom or intelligence relevant to practical action.

What is the meaning of hyle?

Definition of hyle

philosophy. : whatever receives form or determination from outside itself : matter especially : matter in its primordial, unorganized state.

What is the meaning of ousia?

Definition of ousia

1 : true being : entity, essence, substance. 2 : hypostasis sense 2a.

What is the Greek for mind?

nous, (Greek: “mind” or “intellect”) in philosophy, the faculty of intellectual apprehension and of intuitive thought.

What girl name means intelligent?

Smart, Intelligent, and Wise Baby Girl Names with Meanings

  • Abbey. Abbey is a short little Hebrew origin female name. …
  • Alohi. Alohi is a Hawaiian origin name. …
  • Athena. Athena is a beautiful female name with Greek origin. …
  • Aqila. Aqila is fancy female name with Arabic origin. …
  • Ayden. …
  • Belig. …
  • Cassadee. …
  • Chalondra.
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What is a good name for a smart girl?

One of the top girl names not only in the US but in many other Western countries, Sophia, means wisdom. Along with Sophia, other girl names with smart meanings in the US Top 1000 include Athena, Phoebe, Ramona, Sage, plus Sofia and Sophie.

Who came up with hyle?

Aristotle was the first to use the terms “hyle” and “morphe”.

What does hyle in Hylemorphism of Aristotle etymologically mean?

Hylomorphism (or hylemorphism) is a philosophical theory developed by Aristotle, which conceives being (ousia) as a compound of matter and form. The word is a 19th-century term formed from the Greek words ὕλη hyle, “wood, matter”, and μορφή, morphē, “form”.

What is the meaning of Extenza?

Translated from Latin, “res extensa” means “extended thing” while the latter is described as “a thinking and unextended thing”. Descartes often translated res extensa as “corporeal substance” but it is something that only God can create.

Is Ousia in the Bible?

The word ousia is used in the New Testament only in relation to the substance in the sense of goods, twice in the parable of the Prodigal Son where the son asked his father to divide to him his inheritance, and then wasted it on riotous living.

What is Exousia in Greek?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Exousia (Greek: ἐξουσία) is an Ancient Greek word used in the Bible, the exact meaning of which is debated by scholars but is generally translated as “authority”.

What does hypostasis mean in Greek?

Hypostasis (Greek: ὑπόστασις, hypóstasis) is the underlying state or underlying substance and is the fundamental reality that supports all else. In Neoplatonism the hypostasis of the soul, the intellect (nous) and “the one” was addressed by Plotinus.

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What is Greek word for wisdom?

The Greek word sophistēs, formed from the noun sophia, ‘wisdom’ or ‘learning’, has the general. sense ‘one who exercises wisdom or learning’.