What time does the Athens airport open?

Athens airport is open 24 hours a day and has modern facilities. It operates with many flights and connections around the globe, so movement inside the terminals is usually constant, even throughout the night.

Is Athens airport open 24 hours?

The airport is open 24 hours.

How early should I get to Athens airport?

On your departure, make sure you are at the airport at least 2 hours before your plane leaves especially in the busy season. Check-in immediately so you will know which gate you have to go to and when it closes… unless Athens has you in it’s spell and you want to stay there forever.

Can I sleep overnight in Athens Airport?

While Athens Airport has several lounges, none have designated sleep rooms or rest areas. If you just want to relax in a comfortable seat, check out this list of lounges in our Athens Airport Guide that you can pay to access.

When did Athens airport open?

Athens International Airport

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Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Αθηνών «Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος»
Opened 28 March 2001
Hub for Aegean Airlines Olympic Air Ryanair Sky Express Volotea
Built Hochtief, GEK Terna
Elevation AMSL 308 ft / 94 m

Is Athens airport open at night?

Spending the night at the airport

Athens airport is open 24 hours a day and has modern facilities. It operates with many flights and connections around the globe, so movement inside the terminals is usually constant, even throughout the night.

What is there to do in Athens airport for 6 hours?

Here are 8 things to do on a layover at Athens Airport:

  • Eat. No matter what time you arrive, you can grab a bite to eat, as several restaurants are open 24-hours. …
  • Hang out in a lounge. Airport lounges are no longer for fancy flyers only! …
  • Get a dose of history. …
  • Go exploring – beyond the airport. …
  • Shop. …
  • Spa. …
  • Get online. …
  • Sleep.

How long before flight can you get boarding pass?

Generally, mobile boarding passes are accessible starting 24 hours before departure. Log onto the airline’s website and check in for the flight. Once you’re checked in, the site should offer the option to send you a mobile boarding pass by text or email or using the airline’s app.

What should I not miss in Athens?

What Should I Not Miss in Athens?

  • The Acropolis. …
  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus. …
  • The National Archaeological Museum. …
  • Stroll Around The Streets of Old Plaka. …
  • Try local Greek food. …
  • Visit the Beaches. …
  • Sign up for Private Tours. …
  • Hadrian’s Library.
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What time does Athens metro run?

Athens Metro runs approximately from 5:30am till 12:30am (midnight). On Fridays and Saturdays, the last train departs at 2am. During peak hours, the metro runs every 3 minutes, and during the slowest hours, they run every 5 to 10 minutes.

Is there free WIFI in Athens Airport?

Athens International Airport – WIFI & Internet Kiosks. The “ATH Free Wi-Fi” Service is available within the Τerminal of the Athens International Airport and is offered for FREE. The “ATH Free Wi-Fi” network enables you to search your flight status, news & promos of the airport’s Shopping Centre, and many more.

Is there a prayer room in Athens Airport?

Athens International Airport

The prayer room is located at level 2, and it is labelled as “Interfaith Worship Area”. It is opposite of the chapel. No slippers nor prayer mats available.

Is Athens airport air conditioned?

The air-conditioning system in the airport facilities provides fresh, renewed, and top-down non-recycled air, in order to limit the horizontal air circulation. Furthermore, the air is filtered for dust, viruses and bacteria or fungi, through special filters.

Has Athens airport closed?

The airport had an official capacity of 11 million passengers per year, but had served 13.5 million passengers during its last year of operations.

Ellinikon International Airport.

Hellinikon (or Ellinikon or Hellenikon) International Airport Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Ελληνικού
Serves Athens
Location Elliniko, Athens
Opened 1938
Closed 28 March 2001

Is Greece open for travel?

The basics. Greece is still open to some vaccinated or certified Covid-free tourists without the need for quarantine, but restrictions have tightening to try to keep the Omicron variant in check.

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Are there two airports in Athens?

The 2 main and busiest airports in Greece are in Athens city and Thessaloniki city. The airport of Athens, El. Venizelos International airport, receives direct flights from the majority of central European airports, while via transfer it receives passengers from around the world.