Your question: Did Athens have harsh discipline?

Did ancient Athens have severe punishments?

The death penalty was the most severe form of punishment in Athens and usually reserved only for the most severe offenders of the law. The death sentence was generally reserved for those who had been found guilty of intentional homicide or who had commited another grave sin. Sometimes, this included blasphemy.

What was bad about ancient Athens?

In the city’s market place one could see poverty, slave drivers, loud peddlers and those who cheated their customers. Some wealthy Athenians grumbled about the vulgarity of democratic politics. Some of them found democratic government too slow in making judgments and getting things done.

Did Athens have strict laws?

Though the rest of the code is unknown, it was by Athenian tradition known to have been very harsh. The Athenian law codes set forth by Draco were completely reformed by Solon, who was the archon of Athens c. 593 BC.

What problems did Athens face?

In the early 6th Century BC, the people of Athens were burdened with debt, social division and inequality, with poor farmers prepared to sell themselves into slavery just to feed their families. Revolution was imminent, but the aristocrat Solon emerged as a just mediator between the interests of rich and poor.

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How did Athenians decide if someone was guilty of a crime?

Whoever received the most votes won the case. If an individual was convicted of a crime, there was a second part of the trial where the jury voted which proposed punishment would be used. The decision of the jury was final. There were no appeals in the Ancient Athenian court.

What are the weaknesses of Athens?

Athens’ strengths included its large size, large trireme navy, wealth, and democratic government. Athens’ weaknesses included its unwritten laws, lack of unity at the beginning, insatiable hunger for new territories, and constant power struggles with other poleis.

What are some cons of Athens?

Athens is very expensive. Of all the Mediterranean cities we visited (10 in total), this and Portofino, Italy were the most expensive ones. You really get the least for your money here — especially if you’re traveling with your significant other.

What disadvantages did Sparta have over Athens?

The Athens lived by the Sea which was an advantage because they had an excellent trading system. Even though the mountains protected Sparta it also caused trading problems, the Spartans had no way to get around the massive mountains to trade with people. Athens was located on the coast and included a harbor.

Was murder a crime in ancient Greece?

Like almost all offenses against individuals at this time, homicide was legally a matter of concern only to the victim’s family, whose responsibility it was to bring charges against the accused killer. The Athenians considered their homicide laws to be special.

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Why was Athens under aristocratic rule in danger of civil war?

As more poor farmers fell into debt and slavery, their hatred of the aristocracy grew. The poor and landless demanded that the large estates be broken up and redistributed to them. Civil war and the rise of another tyrant threatened the peace of Athens.

What did male slaves do in Athens?

The principal use of slaves was in agriculture, but they were also used in stone quarries or mines, and as domestic servants. Athens had the largest slave population, with as many as 80,000 in the 5th and 6th centuries BC, with an average of three or four slaves per household, except in poor families.

What was Sparta weakness?

Sparta was very violent and all they thought about was having the strongest military. The weaknesses of Sparta outweigh the strengths because the Spartans lacked education, boys were taken away from their families at a young age, and they were very abusive.

What was bad about Sparta?

Surrender in battle was the ultimate disgrace. Spartan soldiers were expected to fight without fear and to the last man. Surrender was viewed as the epitome of cowardice, and warriors who voluntarily laid down their arms were so shamed that they often resorted to suicide.

What was good about Athens?

Athens was the largest and most influential of the Greek city-states. It had many fine buildings and was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare. The Athenians invented democracy, a new type of government where every citizen could vote on important issues, such as whether or not to declare war.

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