Your question: How long does it take to fly to Crete from the UK?

Direct flights between the UK and Crete average between 4 hours and 4 hours and 10 minutes, whether you’re flying to Chania or Heraklion. Indirect flights with stops vary from 5 hours 10 minutes to more than 13 hours; they are rarely any cheaper than direct flights, and only worth taking if you have to fly in winter.

What is the best way to get to Crete?

The quickest way to reach Crete is by flight. While travelling from India, most major cities in India have daily flights to Athens via airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Egypt Air, Gulf Air etc. From Athens, you can take a domestic flight to Crete’s Heraklion or Chania airport.

Which airlines fly from UK to Crete?

There are 4 airlines who fly direct from London to Crete. Thomas Cook Airlines, British Airways, Aegean Airlines, Easyjet, Ryanair and Tui all offer direct flights from London to Crete Airports.

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How many hours is a flight from England to Greece?

How long is the flight to Greece? Flights from London to Athens, Greece: 3 hours 35 minutes. Flights from Manchester to Heraklion, Greece: 4 hours 10 minutes. Flights from Birmingham to Corfu, Greece: 3 hours 25 minutes.

How long is the flight from Birmingham UK to Crete?

The total flight duration from Birmingham, United Kingdom to Crete is 4 hours, 4 minutes.

How do you get to Crete from UK?

UK airports with direct flights to Crete include London Gatwick, London Stansted, Manchester and Birmingham. Direct flights between the UK and Crete average between 4 hours and 4 hours and 10 minutes, whether you’re flying to Chania or Heraklion.

How many days do you need in Crete?

Crete is a large island with so much to offer. You are surrounded by stunning beaches, archaeological sites, small islands, gorges & historical towns. To see all the “top sights”, it will take a minimum of 10 days – 2 weeks, however, you could easily spend 4 weeks and still have more to see.

Is Crete expensive to visit?

How much money will you need for your trip to Crete? You should plan to spend around €81 ($92) per day on your vacation in Crete, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, €28 ($31) on meals for one day and €19 ($21) on local transportation.

Is Crete 2 hours ahead of UK?

Crete is 2 hours ahead of the center of the United Kingdom.

How long does it take to drive around the island of Crete?

Explore the Island: On the Road in Crete

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A road trip from the extreme west to the extreme east can take you from 5 to 6 hours. You can bet there’s a lot to see. What is this? Stunning coastal drives, winding mountain roads, and undiscovered beaches are worth the drive.

Is Crete in the Mediterranean?

Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the largest of the islands forming part of modern Greece.

Are there flights to Greece from UK?

Our flights to Greece leave from airports all over the UK, including London Gatwick, Birmingham and Bristol. And, we fly direct to 13 different Greek destinations. Flights last around four hours, but it all depends on your choice of airport. There are 1,400 sand-skirted islands, as well as mainland Greece.

How long is Greece away from England?

The miles based distance from Uk to Greece is 1618.7 miles. This is a straight line distance and so most of the time the actual travel distance between Uk and Greece may be higher or vary due to curvature of the road . The driving distance or the travel distance between Uk to Greece is 3520 KM and 482 meters.

Can you fly to Crete from Birmingham?

Crete currently has moderate travel restrictions for travellers from Birmingham. You can travel there, but you’ll have to quarantine on your return. You may also be required to take a COVID-19 test on or before your arrival.

How far is Birmingham to Crete?

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How long is a flight from Birmingham to Cyprus?

Average direct flight time is 5 hours 14 minutes.

The fastest direct flight from Birmingham to Cyprus is 5 hours 14 minutes.